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devanga arts college (autonomous)
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Feedback 18-10-13 OSA meeting….
Oct 14th, on the auspicious day of Vijayadasami, the 30th edition of
OSA (Old School Association) was hosted at around 10 in the morning. An
event that has seen success all through these years has only become more
fruitful and captivating as each year goes by. And this year was no
different when the students of the currents batch (1st, 2nd and 3rd years and
PG students Ist and 2nd years) of our own Physics department came
together to see another huge milestone in this grand run. A 30th
anniversary of alumni is no joke after all.
This year, we all had the support of our PG students as well. Students
of the Msc and MPhil Physics departments had an equal share in this pie.
Watching these girls waiting at the doorway to welcome the guests,
attendees and their comrades, brought back those good old sweet smelling
memories of us being in that same place, doing the same business a good 25
years back. And when the flag was hoisted by Dr. A Ayeshamariam, it
looked more of a launch pad for more of such events in the years to come.
The message was clear. A journey travelled together with our
fellowmen, sharing the path and time leads to harmony and peace. Hatred,
jealousy, ego or in more plain words self-centredness is not going to help in
achieving our collective ambitions.
A quote by Henry Ford is worth mentioning here
“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working
together is success.”
Competitors could be bested and overcome, with a fair fight, the
victory could be shared and it becomes even sweeter. The moment becomes
not just yours, but everyone’s. They feel the pride in sharing the success.
The event kicked off with a song that was full of praises and
gratefulness towards the Almighty. There was an air of oneness, a feeling of
being under the same shelter and shade of the only God. There was a
lurking patriotic emotion to it, at the same time.
It was not too late before being praised and applauded for bringing
together an event like this, when the Principal Dr.B.Ravikumar, arrived on
the stage to address the gathering with his welcome speech. The words he
spoke were only fitting of the joy and wholeness this event has brought
upon the students and faculty of the Physics Department.
Like a Banyan tree, an educational institution should have values
deeply rooted and ethics as strong as its aerial roots. The education, the
institution imparts should be enduring and rewarding to the society.
Prof. V.Rethinasami came on to the stage with his signature style
seriousness in his voice and intentions. His thoughts metamorphosed into
words of great wisdom, without friction, enthralling and stirring the
gathering at the same time.
The speech had a serious emphasis on learning and teaching. It’s
right to say that it is our obligation towards the community to reciprocate
what we receive from it. Anything we set our minds to, is well within our
The girls from the current batch of the Physics department had one
thing to say. Education is the only hope; women have, in a male dominated
society. In an age where the crime against women is ever-increasing, only
education can boost the morale, blur the lines of discrimination and give
them a strong footing in the society.
The boys didn’t fail to make their intentions known as well. They
made a promise to become a model for their younger counterparts, right
from treating women to becoming enterprising citizens of the society.
Watching these young men and women make so much sense with
their aspirations tells the story why such events and gatherings are so
important to the society. A general awareness that a person has in his/her
life could be shared amongst fellowmen, like a torch being passed to their
counterparts for the greater good. Humans have this huge potential to
bring forth change, which could be described as revolution or resurrection,
when they put their heads together.
The gathering unanimously arrived at a consensus to create a blog
for the OSA where the mail IDs of the alumni will be shared which can be
accessed even by the members
members of the current Physics batch, to receive
suggestions and career guidance from their seniors.
The Principal of our college attributed his success as a human being
and as a teacher to his background in Physics. The initial years of
formation, the discipline of Physics acting as a catalyst, has had a profound
impact on the discipline and self-mastery he was has about to exercise in
the years to come. And there he is now, talking about it with
with Pride and
People always end up being frustrated and disheartened, in their
pursuit of finding God. Some would eventually say that it is never a
realistic option. The reality which they so often fail to notice is that God
appears in times of struggle in different forms. He manifests himself and
appears as men who come to our help, if we could only see it. And it’s
always nice to utilise our turn, to do the same, when the moment arrives
here a person in deep distress might need our help.
He went on to quote an Arabic quote which would translate to
“You either need to be a good learner, or a teacher, or a facilitator.”
The Principal was all praises for the way the organising committee
had conducted the event. It was heartening to see all the efforts pay off and
a word of appreciation is more than just an icing on the cake.
The honourable Secretary G. Rajkumar in his speech stressed the
main factor of the higher education that,
A higher education system requires three basic elements to survive and to
1. Quality of Education, 2. Research and 3.Social Commitment.
This institution as a whole has never faltered in protecting these values.
In the years the college has seen along with its changing generations in the
faculty and students, they have grown only stronger.
And that is a direct result of some significant decision made in the past
and the way they have been worked upon. The desire to create a difference
is the driving force behind all this well designed architecture. Obstacles
have been overcome, which has made life in Devanga Arts College more
compelling and engaging. May be this is what people call a beautiful life.
College Reunions and Alumni meetings have been a tradition ever since a
structured education system was founded. These reunions and get-togethers
create an atmosphere of joy, nostalgia, excitement and pride. May be not the
principle, but, it is indeed an important cog of the whole education system that
rightly deserves a place in the complex matrix of our ever growing-old lives. Such
reunions are only an excuse to look back at those days of adolescence and
evergreen memories.
But there are quite a few aspects of this tradition that are often
overlooked. These aspects are the ones that give a learning and observational
edge to this whole concept apart from being just a bonding and sharing
experience. When a student visits his/her alma-mater, it is a matter of pride for
his/her teacher. There is nothing more amazing than the sight of the return of
student to his/her school or college after years of being promoted as an adult, as a
person who has encountered the realities of life with the knowledge gained
through the years of formal education.
The younger generation can watch and learn the experiences shared by the
senior generation and take morale-boosting lessons from them. It instills a faith
in the teachers they have and the knowledge that is being imported on to them. It
helps in comprehending the competition and the actual realities of a professional
life. Possible arenas to explore can also be learnt from this.
When a person achieves his/her goals and ambitions, their origin and the
path they followed is often sought after. The educational institution is by far the
most important information that is looked up. Their inspirational stories are
believed to be possible only as a consequence of the disciplined and enlightening
education they received in their developing years.
often synonymous
personalities they produced. Like the way the name Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam rings
a bell in everyone’s mind that he is an Alumni of Madras Institute of Technology,
Chennai. This is where he graduated as an aerospace engineer. It adds even more
reputation and longevity to this already revered Institute. Students would love to
see themselves as the Alumni of an Institute which has produced one of the most
powerful figures in the history of our nation
Another huge factor that it brings as ingredient is the sense of
responsibility it creates on the part of an Institute’s management to safeguard
the traditions and efficiency that managed to produce great minds so that it
would serve as a potential platform for producing more of such inspirational
figures. This influences the way of teaching and procreates other quality
educational Institutes. The teachers play a pivotal role in influencing the desires
of a student to visit the place he/she was educated from.
A teacher should be the inspirational and difference-making story of a
student’s life. A person who could open up the eyes of any young mind could be
considered as a good teacher as a matter of fact. The presence of such a teacher
in any student’s life could act as a catalyst for him/her to turn back and trace the
path to his/her very roots.
That’s the only reason behind the reunion of the students of the 1984-87
batch of Devanga Arts College, Aruppukkottai, Virudhunagar District, Tamil
Nadu on the 26th of December 2012. The presence of an astoundingly inspiring
figure, their Professor V. Rethinasamy was the huge motivating factor behind
this event. And they are only hoping that more of such beautiful moments
happen in their own lives and the lives of their students.
It is good to say Unity is strength but “Action Speaks well than word”
This is the website, where some information regarding the Reunion
function of 1984-87 Batch, B.Sc Physics students uplinked. DAC Physics
Department has an idea to start a blog for Alumni Association of Physics
Department. We need your constant support to have a complete list of
Alumni of Physics and your valuable suggestions to keep the site as a
fruitful one.
Tell me, and I will forget
Show me, and I may remember
Involve me, and I will understand
-Confucius, circa 450 B.C
Mr. G .Jayachandran was elected as the president and he reiterated
the importance of forming a committee comprising 1984-87 students to
execute the OSA proceedings as a team.
Assistant Professor S. N. Saravanamoorthy will represent DAC
Physics department and will be part of this committee.