October - Traildusters Chapter


October - Traildusters Chapter
2015 Officer's & Board Members
Prize Ride Time
We need
'! ns
OCT 23
 President Cliff Benson
[email protected]
 Vice Pres. Beth Ferris
[email protected] com
 Secretary Alynne Prins
-568-7218 [email protected]
 Treasurer Freddy Aston
[email protected]
 Board 1 Jeff Upton
-239-7129 [email protected]
 Board 2 Bruce Davis
-629-3318 [email protected]
 State Director Cathy Nelson 360568-5933 or
[email protected]
 Alter Dir. Audrey Gunderson 360
-435-3910 or
[email protected]
 Public Lands Jeff Upton
[email protected][email protected]
 [email protected]@
simplelists. com
Hi Everyone,
It is time to get rolling on the details of the Prize ride
I hope you all are able to get out and put up fliers, which
Were handed out at the last general meeting. Going to
be a real push for
everyone to participate in getting sponsors for prizes. Cliff has put
together packets which will be handed out at the October meeting, and
at the committee meeting.
I need volunteers to go one day, and sell raffle tickets at their
local feed store. I have done this in years past, and sold over 100, in a few
hours, they sell themselves, as everyone needs hay!
Judy Benson, has the tickets, so if you
need some, please call them at
Thank you all in advance! I hope to see you all soon! Audrey
I am starting a list on line here of the sponsors, that have been talked to.
Please, if you see the name don't go there again. When you go somewhere,
please add to this list, and send it out to everyone.
Lumber, Electric Mirror, Car Quest, Arlington RV, Duane Lane Chevrolet @ the
New Arlington Location, Mad Dog Distillery, Harry's Leather, Hoof Beats Blanket wash, DON JOHNSON HAY SALES, Valley Farm Center, Snohomish /
Monroe Co-op, Graystone Stable and Equestrian Center, Skagit
Farmers Supply (AKA Country Store) and Everett Cenex,
October Meeting Minutes
Date: October 7, 2015 mtg called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Pres Cliff B., Eagles Café, Everett, Flag salute.
President Comments: Cliff B. Minutes published. Motion made by Steve R. to accept minutes.2nd by Beth
C. Passed. Big contributors to Prize Ride will receive calendar which will be sold at Prize Ride- $12.00 eachhave 50 now- can order more. Tell managers at Les Swabb that you are from Tds.- BCHW to thank them for
their $1,000.00 contribution. Bruce D., chairperson, along with Steve R., Marianne H., will accept nominations for offices, member at large for Nov. 4th election- presently these people are running: Pres.: Cliff B.,
Vice-Pres. ( will ask Beth F.), Secretary: Alynne P., Treasurer: Freddy A.
At meeting, Tds. presented
Cathy N. flowers for getting the Haney Meadow road project completed. Thank you, Cathy N.
Treasure Report: Freddy A. Solvent.
Trail Ride Coordinator: Beth F People rode to Darrington, Valhalla, Stehekin and enjoyed it all.
Forest Service Rep.: Rich G. Bridget has $-- ( $2,000.00 ) to add gravel & level it in parking lot of Suaittle
River Road—F.S. will pick up the balance. Good article in Pac. Crest Trail Magazine about ’68-’69 riding of
P.C.T. Scott has suggested work party to cut wood for Tree Farm lunch area.
State Director: Cathy N. Cathy N. will tell Jeff U. about attending Public Lands meeting Dec. 4th, Ellensburg. Grand opening of Barbecue Flats will be 5/28/16 and not 3/1/16. Turn in pictures to Ashley for next
calendar. Capitol Riders are challenging everyone to buy 1 calendar each. Please turn in monies from Membership right away to speed things up. Turn in Volunteer hours. Can start now nominating people for awards
to help out Mary Kay E.—a committee could do this. State Ride is Oct. 31st, Zillah. Will be leadership meeting Jan. 23 in N. Bend. Cascade will help Tds. do hospitality at Rendezvous in March 18,19,20—Cindy will
coordinate times and jobs for this over in Ellensburg- contact her if interested in helping Cathy N. who will
buy the supplies.
LNT Rep.: Steve R. Tree Farm has appreciated how well Tds. have cleaned up the area after Prize Ride.
Steve R. will leave this position Dec. 1— will need new LNT person.
Hospitality: Mary Jo K. Happy Birthday to October people.
Break: Raffle: Paula H. Winner—Del P.
Newsletter Editor: Cheryl J. Cheryl J. will be leaving this position. Thank you very much, Cheryl J., for
all your years of publishing our newsletter. You did a beautiful job! We really appreciate all your hard work
that you put into making it a great newsletter. Thank you, again.
Welcome, Jenny Mc.- we look forward to having you publish Tds.’ newsletter.
Public Relations: Mary Kay E. Prize Ride information will be published in Herald & N. County Outlet &
on line: Facebook, web.
Membership: Roberta C. Fill out your form- pay- turn in to Roberta C.
Volunteer Hours: Marianne H. Deadline for turning in hours is Oct. 9th- will be sent in Oct. 10th.
PRA: Rep.: Del P., Linda B. Work party after Thanksgiving.
Prize Ride: Audrey G. Need volunteers for all 3 days. Fri. both gates will be open by 10:00 –will start putting up tents etc. etc. Lou W. donated his dump trailer- Steve R. will bring it up & garbage can immediately
be stacked on it ready to be hauled away on Sunday. Pizza for lunch on Fri. Have cones for parking. Bring
cut flowers to fill pumpkins. Saturday, parking crew will start at 7:00 a.m. Registration is 7:30 a.m., lst rider
out is 9:00 a.m. Will be 3 check points: cider, apple, carrot. This year’s poker hand is raffle tickets. Clean-up
is Sunday, 10:00 a.m. Elva/Jerry doing the lunch. Workers get free lunch. Pay at registration for lunch. Sell
raffle tickets to 18 years & older.
Centennial Trail: Connie H. Fine—completion of the 27 mile Whitehorse Trail will be end of 2016—need
to finish decks of 3 bridges & re-route around wetland hole. Lord’s Hill is open for lots of riding.
New Business: Be aware of car thieves and break-ins at Bracken Road.
Adj.: 8:00 p.m.
2015 Traildusters Ride List
Updated: 1/20/15
Pass Type Req.
Rider Leader
10/3 - 4
Salmon La Sac
NW Forest Pass
Doug Barber
10/23 - 25 Halloween Prize Ride (set up, event, tear down)
Audrey Gunderson
BCHW Wine Ride - Zillah
Christmas Party - Rhodes River Ranch
Beth Ferris
New Year's Ride - Pilchuck Tree Farm, Lunch Stop area
BCHW Brd of Director Meetings Kittitas Valley Event Center - Ellensburg 3/20, 6/20, 9/19, 12/5
No Dogs on Trail Ride
Hello Cathy and Kerry,
I’m writing you to inform you that we will be having a Chainsaw/ Crosscut saw certification class on
Saturday, October 25th in Langley Washington. I would appreciate it if you would pass this information
along to people in your chapters that have experience using either /or and are your “go-to” people when
you need people to go out and clear trees from blocked trails.
If you find that you have people interested in coming over for the day long class please have them
contact me asap as there are things that they need to do to get the process rolling. One note, this class is
NOT for beginner sawyers. It is directed to those who already have experience using a chainsaw and feel
totally comfortable with it.
The cost is free to BCHW members and only open to active members of BCHW. Please have them let
me know what chapters they’re representing.
Also, I am looking for candidates in the NW region who are willing to attend a weekend certification
course to become a certifier. There are certain Criteria that has to be in place before you can become a certifier. This will make it easier for us in the NW region to certify more people since at the present time I have to recruit people from the Pierce County Chapter to come up and assist me.
Thank You and looking forward to hearing from you.
Randy Diefert
[email protected]
Please distribute this form with your chapter members planning on attending the Saw Certification on October 25 in Langley. I
will try and get Jim to send me a link to a map to his home (classroom session) before too long for those of you coming from out
of the area.
Also, I would like to get a firm number of people who are planning on attending from your chapters. I got word from Traildusters this week that this certification is scheduled on the same day as their prize ride at Pilchuck Tree farm and they couldn’t afford to lose any of their help for the day so, they weren’t sending anyone.
Esmeralda Pass
Traildusters’ Chapter
BCHWS Committee Chairs
Open position
Trail Ride Coordinator
Beth Ferris 425-327-4881
[email protected]
Funky Award
Ken Zukowski 360-658-8859
[email protected]
Web Managers
Tamara & Eric 206-313-2668
[email protected]
Public Relations
Beth Ferris 425-327-4881
[email protected]
NW Region Rep
Jeanette Ford 425-327-8484
[email protected]
USFS Liaison
Rich Guthrie 360-568-2665
[email protected]
Leave No Trace
Steve Reppert 425-359-3436
[email protected]
Jenny McCall
[email protected]
Mary Jo Krutak 425-301-2907
[email protected]
Greeter Open
Paula Holzer 425-870-2418
[email protected]
Volunteer Hour Marianne
Honeycutt 360-435-2793
[email protected]
Prize Ride
Audrey Gunderson
[email protected]
Bert Crosby 425-327-6382
[email protected]
PRA Rep.
Del Poindexter
360-435-3828 [email protected]
Linda Brown
[email protected]
Centennial Trail
Toni Woodhull 360-941-7025
Please send newsletter information to Jenny
McCall. She is your new newsletter editor.
Thank You
Dr. Chris Perez
Dr. Kim Schmaus
Dr. Tony Zimmerman
Jeff Robinson Store Manager
233 Lebanon St | Arlington, WA 98223-1544
Phone(360) 435-7401 Fax 360-435-6815
Store Hours of Operation
Mon-Fri 8:00am - 6:00pm
Sat 8:00am - 5:00pm
Les Schwab Tire Center
15 Snohomish County Locations to Serve You See Store
Locations at
Les Schwab. com
360-588-4672 FAX 360-757-1837
13 year old, 14.2 hand appy gelding. Very
sweet. Good Trail horse, easy keeper. A really nice
ride. Calm and gentle, cute as a button. $1500 Ken 360 658 8859
HORSE TRAILER: Logan 2003 4 Brand New tires; $8300; Leigh 360 722 9829
Looking for used trailer tires, so if you have some kicking around or you are
changing out you current tires, let me know. Dirk 425 335 0496
Beautiful Lake Valhalla Ride
Thank You Beth for another great fall ride!
It’s riding season, so be sure to take
photo’s and submitted them for the
2017 BCHW Calendar.
Please NOTE cell phone pictures do
not have enough resolution to be
9200 271st Street
N. W.
Stanwood, WA
Marcos Pena Manager
Next Meeting is Wednesday
November 4th,
at 7 pm Eagles
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