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News from The Denham's
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Denham's In Brazil
June 2009
Ministry News
Photo: Emerald Coast,
Hello , Its almost Summer !! Well, not here, its just
getting cold. June and July are bitter winters down
here. Just kidding!, last night it got down to 60. I
thought I would just use a photo of the beautiful
beaches here in Brazil, to make you all wish you could
come down and be with us someday ! We have been
very busy these last few weeks. So much has
happened since the college conference. I was able to
travel to the USA to visit a pastor's conference and
share a little about what God is doing among us. We
are excited to have finished some new books this
month. As many of you know , we are
publishing John Calvin's commentaries
into Portuguese, and this month we just
received Psalms from the press.
Other books this month include a
complete version of Holiness by J.C
Ryle, as well as the first book in
Portuguese of well known author Albert
Mohler. We are excited to introduce his writings to
Portuguese readers. The book is called Atheism
Last week we just released our new
Mobile site, which allows you to place
FIEL content (widget) on your computer
desktop, or in places like Facebook
etc... Tools like this are very helpful in
building a community of users of sound
Biblical content that we trust will help
Prayer Requests
Family News
09 FIEL Pastor
Conference Trailer:
"Justification by Faith
The Heart of the Gospel"
Head south this fall and
come be with us for our
25th Anniversary. Mark
Dever from 9Marks, and
D.A Carson are
scheduled to will be with
News from The Denham's
build more solid churches and leaders. Click on the
photo of themobile site to view or share this tool.
It was a fun day at the pool
races where James is taking
swimming. He was such a joy
to watch. When he swam to the
end of the pool, he kept on
kicking, as if he still had
another 100 yards. He was so
excited to compete, and was so
proud to win his first medal.
Family News
My sister Faith and my niece Sarah, just arrived
from the USA to spend a several weeks with my
parents. Mom and Dad are doing great and very
encouraged by their visit. My Father recently had his
82nd birthday ! He
and mom are a
source of inspiration
to us all ! We have
moved out of the
apt building where
mom and dad live
to just a couple
blocks away. We are
still within walking
distance, and are thankful for their willingness to
allow us to stay in their old home. The children are
enjoying having the extra space. Last week, we hosted
a missionary kid named Daniel . He is praying about
joining the work in January to be the head of internet
ministry and strategic resources. He is an answer to
prayer as we need more help on our web team. The
need for new content, and keeping things current
have gone beyond the capacity of our only IT guy. We
This little flower has been such
a joy to watch. She walks
around the house in her
mommy's shoes, and carries a
purse when she leaves the
house. She is all girl, and talks
a mixture of Portuguese and
English. She has mommy's
eyes, and charms all whom she
comes across..
Prayer and
Praise Matters
* We will be headed this
month to the USA where I
will be going to ICRS to
secure book rights, as well as
trav eling to meet up with
News from The Denham's
are exited to see how we can use the internet site to
spread free resources to hungry readers.
Kimberlie has been very busy looking after
everyone. She has had a
wonderful opportunity to share
Christ with an american woman
here on business with her
family. She takes her to the
market, and has helped her get
accustomed to Brazil. She is
always looking for an
opportunity to serve people !
This weekend this family has
invited us over for lunch! Pray that the Lord will use
us to reach some of these international people who
are also here Brazil.
In closing, we hope that you might stop for a moment
and pray for this little imperfect family, and for church
in the Portuguese world. We understand that there are
many demands on your lives, but we are thankful to
the Lord for your encouragement. We hope we can be
a part of Gods work in your hearts and lives as well.
For His Glory,
Rick Denham
Col 3:1-3
Editora FIEL
Christian Literature Advance
If you or your church are interested in partnering with us as we
serve the Lord here in Brazil, all gifts are tax deductible as we are
a 501c3. Please make checks payable to Christian Literature
Advance and mail to :
ministry partners . I will also
hav e my 25th y ear high
school reunion. Please pray
for our safety , and that the
Lord will use us to bring light
to the needs of Portuguese
speaking Pastors and
* We are so thankful to for
how He blessed during my
recent trip to promote the
Adopt a pastor project.We
attended the FIRE
conference, where we heard
fantastic messages,and were
encouraged to keep our
hands to the plow.
* Please pray that we might
find another location for the
College conference. We hav e
outgrown our current
situation, and need to make
decisions soon concerning
201 0
*We hav e just mov ed from
our small apartment into my
parents old house. It has
been a 2 week mov e, and we
are glad to be settling in. We
are thankful to hav e more
space, and some places for
the kids to run a little.
*This week, the FIEL Pastor
conference is taking place in
Nampula, Mozzambique .
Please pray that the Lord
might continue to built His
church there. I will be giv ing
a full report nex t month.
Christian Literature Advance/ Rick and
P.O box 4645 Greenville, SC 29608
If you have any desire to get to know the work in person,
or want to send down a youth group or team to
help, we have many opportunities for service!
We would love a call from you!
(321) 821-5343
News from The Denham's
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Christian Literature Advance | P.O box 4645 | Greenville | SC | 29608

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