Santapan Minda: Sinopsis Buku Bil. 1/2015


Santapan Minda: Sinopsis Buku Bil. 1/2015
The Social Commerce Handbook : 20 Secrets For Turning
Social Media Into Social Sales
Author : Paul Marsden and Paul Chaney
Imprint : New York : Mc Graw Hill, 2013
Pagination : 186 pages
Synopsis :
The Social Commerce Handbook presents the next big phase
in social media marketing: selling directly through social media
sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and more.
Coauthored by two of today's leading authorities on this hot
new field, the book teaches techniques and best practices
brands like Etsy, Zappos, Groupon, and Apple, have used to build profitable strategies for
turning interaction into transactions. Dr. Paul Marsden is a social psychologist and market
researcher specializing in digital and social media, influencer marketing and reputation
management. Paul Chaney provides Internet marketing and social media consulting services
to small and medium business, agencies and non-profit organizations.
Instagram Power : Build Your Brand And Reach More
Customers With The Power of Pictures
Author : Jason G. Miles
Imprint : New York : Mc Graw Hill Education, 2014
Pagination : 232 pages
Synopsis :
The author has laid out this book beautifully including
marketing plan development, hash tag applications,
downloading photos, etc. In a concise format with easily laid
out terms/instructions that allows for easy absorption by even
the most novice of professionals. I absolutely loved the power tips with what and what not
to do, including case studies. This book is an incredibly short read (180pp), more meant as
an instructional manual.
Highly Recommended : Hernessing The Power of Word Of
Mouth And Social Media To Build Your Brand And Your
Author : Paul M. Rand
Imprint : New York : Mc Graw Hill Education, 2014
Pagination : 229 pages
Synopsis :
This book shows the impact of customer recommendations on businesses transforming how people
buy, how you reach customers, how you improve products and ultimately how you can grow your
company by leveraging the power of recommendations. It explains why word of mouth
recommendations are marketing’s “holy grail,” how to get people talking, who gives
recommendations, where recommendations occur, what it takes to build a recommendable brand,
and how to in still WOM into every aspect of a business and at the centre of any marketing mix.
Emotional Vampires At Work : Dealing With Bosses And
Coworkers Who Drain You Dry
Author : Albert J. Bernstein
Imprint : New York : Mc Graw Hill Professional, 2013
Pagination : 258 pages
Synopsis :
This books shows you ways to spot them and how to deal with their
energy draining ways. It is light, funny and yet very serious. It amazed
me that many vampiric types have serious mental disorders. Many easy
to read patterns. The Antisocial vampire, the histrionic vampire,
narcissistic vampire, obsessive compulsive vampire, and my personel
favourite the paranoid vampire. Whether it’s a co-worker, subordinate, or boss, there’s at least one
emotional vampire in every office. These people try your patience, sap your energy, and add an
entirely unhealthy dynamic to workplace productivity.
Communicate With Confidence! : How To Say It Right The
First Time And Every Time
Author : Dianna Booher
Imprint : New York : Mc Graw Hill, 2012
Pagination : 475 pages
Synopsis :
Need to sell a new marketing idea to your boss? Handle a sticky problem
with a colleague? Calm an irate customer? Good news! You’ll never be
at a loss for words after reading Communicate with Confidence! 1,042
tips to improve your communication and interpersonal skills! You will
learn how to establish credibility and show concern; transition from criticizing to coaching; listen to
negotiate so that everybody feels like a winner and etc.
Think Like A Rock Star : How To Create Social Media And
Marketing Strategies That Turn Customers Into Fans
Author : Mack Collier
Imprint : New York : Mc Graw Hill Education, 2013
Pagination : 208 pages
Synopsis :
This book provides step by step instructions that show marketing
professionals how to connect with customers both online and offline
to create s truly fan-centric brand. Using case studies of how rock stars
like Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and Blink-182 cultivate fans, it
teaches readers how to apply those lessons to create brand advocates who will grow profits,
improve business frameworks and contribute more than ever to the success of the brand. It also
identifies successful and easily replicable marketing strategies of top brands such as Dell, Ford,
Patagonia and YouTube.
Uprising : How To Build A Brand—And Change The World—
Author : Scott Goodson
Imprint : New York : Mc Graw Hill, 2012
Pagination : 208 pages
Synopsis :
Movement marketing is changing the world. It’s the new way forward
for anyone trying to win customer’s loyalty, influence public opinion,
and even change the world. In Uprising, Scott Goodson, founder and
CEO of StrawberryFrog, the world’s first cultural movement agency,
shows how your idea or organization can successfully tide thie wave of
cultural movements to authentically connect to the lives and passions of people everywhere. We are
in the midst of a profound cultural transformation in which technology is making it easier than ever
for anyone to share ideas, goals and interests. Working with companies and brands ranging from
SmartCar to Pampers to Jim Beam to India’s Mahindra Group, StrawberryFrog and Goodson have led
a paradigm focal shift away from one on one selling to sharing.
Change One Thing : Make One Change And Embrace A
Happier, More Successful You
Author : Sue Hadfield
Imprint : Oxford : Capstone Publishing Ltd, 2014
Pagination : 175 pages
Synopsis :
This book will show you how to develop the focus you need to take the
leap. With real-life examples of people who have made a positive
change, and plenty of practical steps to help you along the way, you’ll
discover how to motivate and inspire yourself to become the person
you always wanted to be.
A Creater’s Guide To Transmedia Storytelling : How To
Captivate And Engage Audiences Across Multiple Platforms
Author : Andrea Phillips
Imprint : New York : McGraw-Hill, 2012
Pagination : 272 pages
Synopsis :
Transmedia storytelling is the technique of telling stories across
multiple platforms and formats, including gaming, social
networking and other media. More than a buzzword, it’s rapidly becoming the go to marketing
strategy for businesses large and small. A Creator’s Guide to Transmedia Storytelling, by awardwinning transmedia speaker and creator, Andrea Phillips, is the practical, strategy-rich handbook for
transmedia creators/entrepreneurs and marketing professionals who are trying to build or expand
transmedia capabilities in established media businesses.
Six Simple Rules : How To Manage Complexity Without
Getting Complicated
Author : Yves Morieux & Peter Tollman
Imprint : Boston, Massachusetts : Harvard Business Review
Press, 2014
Pagination : 221 pages
Synopsis :
This book provides six concepts for this new mode of management and supplies real case studies to
illustrate how individuals can apply each concept within their organizational environments. The
increasing complexity of organizations calls for methods that avoid complications while adequately
addressing performance issues.
I Hear You : Repair Communication Breakdowns, Negotiate
Successfully, And Build Consensus… In Three Simple Steps
Author : Yves Morieux & Peter Tollman
Imprint : Boston, Massachusetts : Harvard Business Review
Press, 2014
Pagination : 221 pages
Synopsis :
This book supplies proven techniques for stepping outside one’s
point of view and seeing things from other perspectives. Sample
dialogues show how this shift in thinking leads to better
conversations and greatly improved outcomes. Readers learn how to
tell the other person’s story the cornerstone of real engagement, look from the outside in and see
themselves as others do, recognize the role systemic factors play and transform a conflict into a
shared challenge and overcome the defense mechanisms that derail dialogue.
Big Data At Work : Dispelling The Myths, Uncovering The
Author : Thomas H. Davenport
Imprint : Boston, Massachusetts : Harvard Business Review
Press, 2014
Pagination : 228 pages
Synopsis :
Now, in clear, conversational language, Davenport explains what big data
means and why everyone in business needs to know about it. Big Data at
Work covers all the bases, what big data means from a technical, consumer and management
perspective, what its opportunities and costs are, where it can have real business impact, and which
aspects of this hot topic have been oversold. This book will help you seize all opportunities from
improving decisions, products and services to strengthening customer relationships. It will show you
how to put big data to work in your own organization so that you too can harness the power of this
ever evolving new resource.
The XX Factor : How The Rise Of Working Women Has Created
A Far Less Equal World
Author : Alison Wolf
Imprint : New York : Crown Publishing Group, 2013
Pagination : 393 pages
Synopsis :
Lean In focus only on women in high pressure jobs, in reality there are
four women in traditionally female roles for every Sheryl Sandberg. This
book examines why more educated women work longer hours, why
having children early is a good idea and how feminism created a less
equal world. Her ideas are sure to provoke and surprise, as she challenges much of what the liberal
and conservative media consider to be women’s best interest.
Biografi Agung Salahuddin Al-Ayyubi : Penaklu Tentera Salib
Pengarang : Syed Alwi Alatas
Penerbit : Shah Alam, Selangor : GRUP BUKU
Jumlah mukasurat : 434 ms
Sinopsis :
Salahuddin al-Ayyubi bukan nama asing kepada orang Islam, malah sosok
hebat ini disanjung orang bukan Islam. Sejarah keperwiraan tokoh
Muslim ini menjadi bahan tulisan sama ada buku atau tesis di seluruh
dunia. Ia juga mendapat perhatian karyawan seni untuk difilemkan. Dalam lambakan bahan-bahan
mengenai Salahuddin menyebabkan pembaca keliru antara fakta dan fiksyen mengenai perwira ini.
Begitu juga sebahagian menilainya daripada sejarah gemilang yang diciptanya tanpa mengambil
pengajaran daripadanya. Buku ini tidak membahaskan fakta sejarah semata-mata. Lebih penting ia
mengkaji masalah dan cabaran yang ada pada zaman itu yang memiliki banyak persamaan dengan
yang dihadapi oleh kaum Muslimin pada zaman sekarang. Kaum Muslimin pada masa Nuruddin dan
Salahuddin telah melewati masalah itu dan mereka mampu merespon cabaran dengan sangat baik.
Ini adalah pelajaran yang berharga bagi kita yang hidup pada hari ini.
Tingkat Amalan Tambah Pahala
Pengarang : Ezry Fahmy
Penerbit : Shah Alam, Selangor : Grup Buku Karangkraf
(Karya Bestari), 2013
Jumlah mukasurat : 291 ms
Sinopsis :
Buku ini menghimpunkan kebanyakan perbuatan dalam kehidupan
harian kita. Pengisian yang merangkumi hal dakwah, tarbiah, ibadat,
Ramadan dan Aidilfitri membolehkan kita menilai kembali
beberhasilannya demi mencapai redha Ilahi. Bermuhasabahlah selalu
agar kekhilafan dapat diinsafi, amal soleh bertambah meningkatkan lagi keimanan diri. Antara
kandungan menarik ialah bolehkah berdakwah melalui Facebook?; kenduri kahwin: mahu pergi atau
tidak?; memakai tudung labuh atau tiga segi dan banyak lagi.
Mudahkan Jangan Susahkan
Pengarang : Syed Alwi Alatas
Penerbit : Petaling Jaya : Galeri Ilmu, 2013
Jumlah mukasurat : 270 ms
Sinopsis :
Buku ini menghidangkan paparan tentang kesusahan dalam hidup dan
bagaimana cara untuk menghadapinya. Ia berbicara tentang bagaimana
melihat kesusahan dengan pandangan yang mudah serta bagaimana
mengubah kesusahan itu agar menjadi kemudahan. Semua orang
menyukai kemudahan dan tidak menyukai kesusahan. Tetapi tidak semestinya kesusahan itu
dibenci dan membuatkan kita lari daripadanya. Kesusahan merupakan bahagian yang tidak
mungkin dipisahkan daripada kehidupan ini. Maka yang perlu kita lakukan adalah kemampuan
untuk menghadapinya dengan penuh kesabaran.
Formula Keluarga Bahagia
Pengarang : Mohd Yaakub Mohd Yunus
Penerbit : Shah Alam, Selangor : GRUP BUKU KARANGKRAF
SDN. BHD., 2013
Jumlah mukasurat : 317 ms
Sinopsis :
Buku ini merupakan himpunan artikel yang menyentuh permasalahan yang melingkari hidup
seharian. Ia tentang hati dan perasaan. Tentang bagaimana dengan mentaati ajaran-Nya, kita akan
mencapai kebahagiaan dalam kehidupan. Kebahagiaan itu matlamat kita. Betul? Kerana semua kita
impikan bahagia dengan keluarga sebagai terasnya. Keluarga yang padanya kita beraa tenang dan
tenteram. Keluarga yang padanya kita boleh letakkan harapan untuk menjadi manusia idaman
Tuhan. “Bahagianya rasa”… ini kata kita. Kata-kata azimat yang kita mahu ia direalisasi dalam
kehidupan sementara yang kita mahu peluk seeratnya. Kitalah yang menentukan arah dan tujuan
hidup kita. Kitalah juga yang menentukan bahagia tidaknya hidup kita. Formula Keluarga Bahagia
terbentang di hadapan kita…anugerah pemberian Yang Maha Esa. Jangan berpaling dari jalan yang
DIA berikan. Jalan yang kita sendiri tahu apa yang menunggu pada akhirnya…rasa bahagia. Ingatlah
dengan mengingati Allah, hati menjadi tenteram.
Kanta Kesedaran
Pengarang : Prof. Dr. Muhaya Hj Mohamad
Penerbit : Selangor: Assohwah Publication, 2013
Jumlah mukasurat : 129 ms
Sinopsis :
Buku ini mengajak pembaca merenung diri sendiri, melalui konsep “Kanta
Kehidupan”. Beliau menyarankan agar kita meninggalkan tabiat buruk
yang suka melihat kelemahan dan kekurangan seseorang itu tetapi kita
lupa melihat siapa diri kita yang sebenarnya. Buku ini memberikan
penekanan terhadap konsep “Kesyukuran”. Apabila kita semakin dekat dengan Allah, ia akan
menyebabkan Allah semakin dekat dengannya. Semakin kita dekat dengan-Nya, semakin kita Berjaya
dunia dan akhirat. Akidah, Ibadah dan Akhlak yang baik, hidup akan tenang dan bahagia. Ibarat
sebatang pohon, baik atau buruk buahnya bergantung pada pohon. Apakah yang mendominasikan
hidup kita, Allah atau manusia? Anda boleh mendapat jawapannya melalui buku ini.
Dahsyatnya Energi Maaf, Tolong dan Terima Kasih
Pengarang : Aep Syaiful Hamidin
Penerbit : Batu Caves, Selangor: Ar-Risalah Product, 2013
Jumlah mukasurat : 166 ms
Sinopsis :
Dalam kehidupan seharian, manusia yang sentiasa berinteraksi antara
satu sama lain. Proses interaksi ini akan melibatkan banyak perkara
termasuk emosi dan perasaan. Di sinilah bagaimana ungkapan dan nada
ucapan memainkan peranan yang cukup besar. Walaupun ungkapan
atau perkataan diucapkan itu begitu mudah dan pendek, namun ia memiliki nilai emosi dan
perasaan yang begitu mudah dan ringkas iaitu maaf, tolong dan terima kasih. Sekiranya diungkapkan
tanpa perasaan dan keikhlasan ia hanya ungkapan kosong yang tidak mempunyai ‘nyawa’. Tetapi
sebaliknya, sekiranya ia diungkapkan dengan perasaan dan keikhlasan ia mampu meranapkan
tembok-tembok keegoan dan keangkuhan yang menutup ruang kemanusiaan. Buku ini akan
meleraikan lagi persoalan bagaimana besar kehebatan perkataan “maaf”, “tolong” dan “terima
The Way You Do Anything Is The Way You Do Everything:
The Why Of Your Business Isn’t Making More Money
Author : Suzanne Evans
Imprint : Hoboken, N.J.: WILEY, 2014
Pagination : 169 pages
Sinopsis :
This book offers a realistic, sarcastic and fiercely honest look at why most
business owners fail. While business consultants are having you scour
over profit and loss statements and strategy, the real truth is businesses
don’t fail. People quit. With this book, you’ll learn specific daily practices to make more money even
when every odd is stacked against you, master the daily behaviors needed to achieve financial
freedom, get tangible advice from a secretary to seven figure success story that has mentored
thousands to change their lives, businesses and finance forever, take complete control over your life,
build wealth faster and create a business that not only make money but makes a difference.
Enjoying Mid-Life Without Crisis: How To Manage Your
Relationships, Career And Investments For A Happy
Author : Eileen Tan & Ui Wei Teck
Imprint : Singapore : Aktive Learning, 2013
Pagination : 90 pages
Sinopsis :
This book shows you how to optimally manage yourself, family, career and
investments for a disaster-free mid-life and retirement. Many people
entering their mid-life are not ready to face the challenges of unexpected changes and lack the life
mastery skills to help them deal with the problems that crop up, resulting in the phenomenon
known as Mid-Life Crisis. This book is essential reading for anyone in their twenties or older. Read it
to get started on your journey towards a happy, successful life and be well prepared for an early
Blogging : Digital Media And Society Series
Author : Jill Walker Rettberg
Imprint : Cambridge: Polity Press, 2014
Pagination : 195 pages
Sinopsis :
Throughly revised and updated, this new edition of Blogging provides
an accessible study of a now everyday phenomenon and places it in a
historical, theoretical and contemporary context. The second edition
takes into account the most recent research and developments and
provides current analyses of new tools for micro blogging and visual
blogging. Jill Walker Rettberg discusses the ways blogs are integrated
into today’s mainstream social media ecology, where comments and links from Twitter and
Facebook may be more important than the network between blogs that was significant five years
ago and questions the shift towards increased commercialization and corporate control of blogs. The
new edition also analyses how smart phones with cameras and social media have led a shift towards
more visual emphasis in blogs, with photographs and graphics increasingly foregrounded.
The Tao Of Twitter : Changing Your Life And Business
140 Characters At A Time
Author : Mark W. Schaefer
Imprint : New York : McGraw-Hill, 2014
Pagination : 211 pages
Sinopsis :
This book will show you how to connect and start creating meaningful
business and personal benefits right away! Behind every Twitter
triumph is a well-defined success formula. This is The Tao of Twitter, a
path that holds the potential to improve your daily life at work and at
home, if you know the way. Through real-life examples and easy to
follow steps, acclaimed marketing expert Mark Schaefer teaches you. Start your journey toward
social media influence and business success today by learning and following The Tao of Twitter!
The Social Media Side Door
Author : Ian Greenleigh
Imprint : New York : McGraw-Hill, 2014
Pagination : 245 pages
Sinopsis :
This book reveals how to detect and walk right through the social
media side doors that lie hidden in plain sight to forge valuable
relationships, create business opportunities, raise your thought leader
profile or land the perfect job. It will enable readers to expand their
own means of access to those they wish to engage with and the ways
in which this access in both directions can be used to unlock a new
level of ROI.