New breed of local



New breed of local
Rebates, only
for c:itizens
Nor Mo,h-~rned:PResdo..,'t qualify
dents are not ed'titled td the cash rebates
also receive die rebate.
Owners of motorcycles pf 250cc.and below.
are eligiblefor;a RM150rebate.
PETALING J~ Y~Mal?ysian
for car owners.
Second Fjnance Minister Tan Sri Nor Moha- .
PosMalaysia Bhd;in a statement yesterday;
med Yakcop said this 'in response to a query .said three post officesBukit Bendera
from a reader who asked whether her Indian (Penang), Changkat Kruing (near Setiawan)
national husband, who had applied for permaand Carey Island (off Banting) - will not be
accepting applications for fuel subsidy cash
nent resident status seven years ago, was' entitled to the rebate.
. rebates.
The rebates can be claimed at its other 683
"Only vehicle owners who afE~Malaysian
citizens are entitled to the rebate,"'he said.
'On June 4, Prime Minister Datuk Seri
The list of post offices is available at its web':'
Abdullah Ahmad Badawi had announced the site
. f.'
Customers can also contact its customersernew fuel price'of"RM2.70 a litre for petrol and
RM2.58 a litre for diesel.
vice centre PosUne at 1-300-300-300 (except
In line with that, owners of private veI1ides
on the first Saturday of the month) should they
with engine capacity of2,OOOccand below will have anY enquiries.
Pos 'Malaysia also clarified that the three
enjoy a RM625 rebate.
minutesforprocessin g the cash rebate did not i
Owners of private pickup trucks. and jeeps
with engine capacity of2,500cc and below,will Jnclude.,thequeuing time.
Tarikb: . 1 4 JUN
... 2008
t~ /6
from June"- 24
KUALA LUMPUR: The' reduction of
road tax, which was to take effect on
June 1, can only be done automati-.
cally 0n June 24 after the Road.
Transport Department computerised system is updated.
. JPJdirector:general DiitukAhmad
Mustapha Abdul Rashid said until
then, vehicle owners would have to
paythe tax atthe originalratesand
'then applyfor.reimbursement from
JPJofficesstartmgJune 23. .
"Vehicle owners' or their repre~
csentativescan apply for reimbursement by providing documents like
of bankcards
copies of
.,~ copies
their identity
and formJPJK6,"
he said in a statement yesterday.
ForinJPJK6can be obtained from
all JPJ offices or dowploac:iedfrom
the JPJ website at
The reimbursements would becred..
ited into their bank accotints,' it -
Prime .MinJster Datuk Seri
Abdullah Ahmad Badawi had
amiounced that motorists would
be given cash. rebates. ,and lower
, road tax:to help them cushion the
41'%hike in petrol and 63.3%hike'
in diesel prices.
Ahmad Mustapha said renewal of
road tax with the new rates can also
be made atPos Malaysiaofficesor at
the MyEGkioskor portal at www. .
- Bernama
Tarikh: ._J.!l..~.~.~..~-
P~nefto vet~'carl~dldifes
MBheads committee to'select local councillors
[email protected]
cronyism and nepotism;" Khalid stategoverrunent'
would appoint
,.-~only tlJose \Vh()were. qualified and
"There have been rumours and ableto perform.
SPECIAL high~profile commitallegations that we areapP9inting
He said the people expected a lot tee headed by Selangor our friends to the localcoundls and. from the local councillors and those
Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid this committee is tasked with appoint~d_shouldbe able to per~
Ibrahim has been formed to vet a ensuring thpt such a scenario is.not form with excellence and frans-.
list of 288 names nominated for happening,"he said;
localcouncillorsofthe 12 municipal
Accordingto Khalid,the appoint- , "We it used to be very}';
and two Citycouncilsin the state.
ment of the ,councillors,especi,illy, rewarding under the previous state
The committee members include
unde;:Jhe NGOquota, would government to be appointed as local.
three state executive councillors - be based only on merit and hot on councillors in the various munici~"'
Ronnie Uu (local government and favouritism.
palities and city-councils," he said.
He said the committee would
research), Datuk Hassan Mohamed
"But I can assure you that from
Ali (Islamic affairs, Malay customs, study carefullyall.incliviclualspro~ - now on,the job of a local councillor' Khalid:The comtniftee.aims to
infrastructure and publicamenities) . posed so that only those suitable , wou.1dnotbea glamorousonewith ensure that the appointments are
and YaakobSapari(agriculture,nat- wereappointed. .
a lot of perks, financial gains and made solely onmerit
Khalid said the names of those benefits,"he said.
ural resources and entrepreneurial
recommended by the committee
Khalidsaid that those ,appointed vetting committee would enhance
"The committee is looking and endorsed by the state executive councillors would be required to 'the merit o(being appointed a local
through the names ofallthose nom- council would be announced by servewith dedicationand sincerity. councillor.
Uu said he endorsed thementri
"It is good for the government
inated to ensure that they are June 20.appointedon merit and not due to
Kh~lid said the P~lkat~nRaky~_t besar's decision,,and felt that the and the people,"he said.
Tuikh: .-1 JIJtL~~...-
breed of local
- ~
"'" ~
THE current changed political scenario, especially in Selangor, has
brought about a sort of grassroots
political awakening involving a new
perception and a holistic perspec. tive on the role and scope of the
local councils and councillors.
The Local Government Act 1976
(Act 171) Section 10 (2) states that
"councillors of the local authority
shall be appointed from among persons the majority of whom shall be
persons ordinarily residents in the
local authority areawho in the opinion of the state authority have wide
in local government
affairs or who have achieved distinction in any profession, commerce or industry. or are otherwise
capable of representing the interests
of their communities in the local
authority area".
Section 10 (1) states tha.t "the
local authority shal1 consist of the
mayor or president and not less
than eight and not more than 24
other councillors to be appointed by
the state authority".
Sectjon (3) stipulates that. the
term of office of each councillor
shall not exceed three years while
Section (6) states that a .councillor
shall be eligible for reappointment
upon the expiry of his term of office.
Under previous state governments, it was a tradition of sorts for
state assemblymen to be appointed
as councillors.
"This was based on the understanding that assemblymen worked
closely with local authorities in handling community issues and as-such,
maintained a better line of communication in dealings," said a former
assemblyman and councillor.
From a wider scope of things,
their positions as councillors were
clearly viewed as political appointments.
In the 1950s and 1960s, councillors were elected through local
council elections but this came to
what was supposed to be a temporary halt in 1963 due to the
Indonesian Confrontation (Konfran-
Hard at work: A file picture of a full board meeting in progress
tasi) against the formation
Local council elections
eventually abolished in 1965 with
an amendment to Section '15 of the
Local GovernmentAct.
Following the outcome of .the
12th general election on March 8
this year, when the Barisan Nasional
lost control of four states and failed
to unseat the PAS state government
in Kelantan, there have been calls to
amend the Loca1Government Act to
bring back local council elections.
In 'Selangor, the. new Pakatan
Rakyat state
declared that elected representatives would not be appointed local
councillors in the two city councils
(Shah Alam and Petaling Jaya) and
12 municipal councils in the state.
The Selangor state executive council. meanwhile, is going through a list
of public nominees for councillors
comprising professionals and representatives from the NGOs.
Under Section 28 of the Local
Government Act, each local authority may, from time to time, appoint
committees, either of a general or
special nature, consisting ofa chair-
at the Petaling Jaya City Council.
man, councillors and such other
persons as it may deem fit.
The new batch of councillors for
the two city councils and 12 local
councils in Selangor are also expected to sit in the relevant committees,
rendei'ing their expertise in areas
like licensing, building, infrastructure and finance.
Each Qfthe councillors of the previous administration used to serve
in at least two to four committees.
Their selection to the committees
iS,based on recommendations made
by the.state leaders of their respective political parties. I
Section 28 also states that councillors shall be paid allowances
determined by the local authority.
Contrary to general public perception, councillors are. paid only a
miserable monthly allowances ranging from RM500 to RM650. Not
something to shout about!
An additional of RM50 or RM100
is paid for each attendance at the'
monthly full council meetings or a
committee meeting.
Accordingto a forI;11ercouncillor,
each councillor was gi"en an annual
grant of RM10,000 to spend on pro-.
jects in his or her area.
"But the amount was hardly sufficient for big projects.
"We usually organised gotong royong, talks and small community
events and even had to fork out our
own money forthese events," he said.
In the awarding of contracts,
Section 34 (1) of the Local
Act. cclearly states
any councillor with a pecuniary
interest, whether direct or indirect,
in any contract or proposed contract
should withdraw from the meeting
where the matter is under consideration.
There have been allegations from
the public that the previous elected
representatives strongly influenced
decisions on the awarding of cone
tracts in Selangor.
The present Pakatan Rakyat state
government has recently announced that assemblymen and politically-appointed
would no longerbe allowed to sit on
tender boards.
.,All that remains now is to keep
our fingers crossed 'as the list is
finalised and hope that better days
are.ahead for Sela~gC!L. -'" '''~'J
4 JUN.-..................-.-
\CD5f'[email protected] \Lf(b
,Kerajaan kaji:(Jad~~t1
PASIR MAS :...Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad BadaWi sernalam oe:r:kata,kerajaan sedaifg
memberikan pelepasanatau
pengurangan cukai pendapatanpllgiimeringankan bepan
rakYat berikutan peningkatan
,akibat ~aripada'kenaikan harga rp.inYfik:,
bentangan Bajet2009 yang di~
jaduaIkaii 29 Og(jsdepan.
" '~Adabeberapalangkah yang
al¥India:mbil.Tetapipada m(lSa
ini, kita ,maSih memperhalilsi"
dan lebih baiklah, saya tidak
beritiiliu lagi,'~katanya.kepada
pernberita selepas 'melancarkan Felan Peningkatan Penge;,
luaran Beras Negara di KamMemlrut"'PerdaillFMenteri';
pung BendangPerangkap, Bu':
pen&"unnirnan,bernubtmgliper.; nut Susu di sini sernalam.
Majlls tersebut dihadiri ki.
kara itu
ra-kira 3,000 oral1g. Turut
hadir ialah Menteri Pertanian
dan Industri AsasTani, Datuk Mustapa MOl1amed;Pengerusi Perhubungan.UMNO
Kelantan, Tan, Sri Annuar
Musa, dan isteri Perdana
Menteri, Datin SeriJeanne
Abdullah .wengulas kenyata~m,Menteri Kewangan Ke-,
dua, Tan Sri, :Nor,Mohamed
Yakcop kelmarin,bahawake-
rajaan aka,n rnenimbangkemungkinan memberi pelepasan atall p(!ngurangan, ,cukai
pendapatarr,biigi meringankan bebap rakyflt akibat kos
sara hidup yang meningkat.
Perkara 'itu dibangkitkan
oleh KelabPenyokongBarisan Nasional (BNBBC)pada
majIis kOl1sultasi Bajet 200Q.
Perdana Menteriyang juga
Menteri KewaJ1ganmembe.:
ritahu,. kerajaan sedaJ1g me-,
neliti dan memperhalusi ca"Mereka banyak memberi
dangan BNBBC, itu sebelum
cadangan dan cadangan itu
separang keputll§an dibuat.
wajar diberikan perhatian,"
Beliau menainbah, terdakatanya.
pat jugftlangkah yang dikenal
'Beliau berkata antara perpasti bagi pengurangan cukai
kara yang sedang diteliti adaitu, namun ia masih di peringlah memastikan sarna ada cakat pertimbangan.
dangan itu benar-benar mem"Saya telah, , membayangberikan kesan yang baik dakan sedikit sebanyak (insentif
lam rnembantu rakyat me- .
pengurangan beban kenaikan, , ngurangkan beban kos sara
harga minyak) semasa diadahidup rakYat yang meningkat. .
kan sesi dialog BNBBC.
'- Bernama
1 4 JUN
Tankh: ..........-...........
Kadar baru hanya bermula 24 Jun
Cukai jalan diturunkan
[email protected],
KUALA LUMPUR - Selepas segolongan pemilik kenderaan mula menerima rebat tunai
mulai hari ini, para pemilik yang tidak termasuk dalam senarai itu pula bakal menikmati potongan cukai jalan.
Menurut Ketua Pengarah JabatanPengangkutan Jalan (JPJ), Datuk Ahmad Mustapha Abdul Rashid, Lesen Kenderaan Motor
(LKM) atau cukai jalan bagi beberapa jenis
kenderaan persendirian diberi pengurangan
bayaran berkuat kuasa 1 Jun lalu.
"Pengurangan sebanyak RM150diberi untuk motosikal persendirian melebihi 250cc,
manakala pengurangan sebanyak RM200 diberi bagi kenderaan persendirian melebihi
2,000cc serta jip dan pikap melebihi 2,500cc.
"Namun, pengurangan ini hanya untuk
kenderaan yang menggunakan petrol atau
diesel dan ia didaftarkan atas nama indiyidu
warganegara Malaysia," katanya dalam satu
kenyataan semalam.
Perclana Menteri, Datuk Seri Abdullah
Ahmad Badawi ketika mengumumkan kenaikan harga petrol clan diesel pada 4 Jun lalu,
turut memaklumkan pemberian rebat dan
pengurangan kadar LKM bagi mereka yang
layak, dalam usaha mengurangkan bebanan
rakyat berikutan, kenaikan sebany:lli 41 peratus bagi petrol dan 63.3 peratus bagi
Berikutan itubagi kenderaan persendirian
termasuk jip dan pikap lebih 2,000cc, cukai
jalan dikurangkan RM200 manakala pemilik
motosikal persendirian kapasiti lebih 25Qcc,
cukai jalan dikurangkan RM50, tertakluk
kepada cukai jalari minimum RM2.
Jelas Ahmad Mustapha, biarpun pengura"
Motosikal 501cc hinggaBOOcc
RM 5 0
~M' 2 < kerana kada r
. ,." "
. ",C' '"
t. Motokar diesellebih 2,500cc
na,: d~ ~ I
RM2 ~,._ ~M. 2 <k~;a~~=-~~adalah
ngan cukaijalanituberkuat kuasal Jun lalu,
pemilik hap.ya bofeh mendapatkan kadar
baru itu bermula 24 Jun' ini di mana-mana
pejabat JPJ, pejabat pas atau melalui kiosk!
P.ortal My-EG.
"Bagi mereka yang memperbaharui cukai
jalan pada 1Jun hingga 23 Jun 2008 dengan
kadar lama, bayaran semula perbezaan antara kadar baru dan lama boleh diperoleh
dengan mengemukakan permohonan di mana-mana pejabat JPJ berdekat:;m.
":Pemiliksendiri atau wakil boleh memohon, cuma pastikan bawa sekali salinan buku
banklpen}'ata bank, salinan kad pengenalan
clT)lntm~rn ad~ lahRM2),
",, ,.".
.. ...
, ,
pemilik, salinan kad pep.genalan wakil (jika
wakil yang hadir) dan Borang JPJ K6,"jelas
Ahmad Milstapha berkata, Borang JPJ K6
itu boleh didapati di,semua pejabat JPJ atau
boleh dimuat turun melalui
clanbayaran batik itu akan dikreditkan terns
ke akaun bank yang disertakan.
Sebelum ini, pemilik kenderaan persendi~
rian sehingga 2,000cc serta trak pikap dan
jip sehingg~ 2,500cc diberi rebat tunai sebanyak RM625, manakala pemilik motosikal
persendiriansehingga 250cc pula diberi rebat tunai sebanyak RM150 setahun.
a~ah R~~I
Motokar petrQllebih 2,qqOcc
Motosikallebih BOOcc
..1 jft.
Tiada lagi.PPR"pencakar
langit di Selangor
[email protected]
KLANG - Kerajaan Selangor tidak akan
membina rumah kos rendah melebihi
bertingkat -tinggi sebaliknya hanya setinggi hinggaempat tingkat sahaja bagi
penempatan semula setinggan di negeri
pelbagai masalah' termasuk kepadatan
penduduk, kerosakan kemudahan awam
seperti lif, aduan penduduk, sampah sa~
rap dan gejala sosial.
"Oleh itu, kita. merancang membina
ruinah 'kluster' seperti tiga atau empat
tingkat sahaja yangdapat memberi Jaedah kepada penduduk selain keselesaan
buat anak-anak.mereka nanti.
Malah pembinaan ifu nanti tid* akan . "Pembinaanrumah itu nanti, separuh .
melibatkan pemindahan penduduk terakan ditanggung' kerajaan negeri malibat ke kawasan lain tetapi dijalankan' nakala selebihnya dibayar penduduk tersecara berperingkat di sekitarpenemlibat," katanya kepa4a pemberita selepas
patan mereka.
mengadakanlawatan ke kawasan setingDemikian jelas Pengerusi Jawatankuc
gan di Kampung Dagang J* Boot Jati di.
sini semalam.
asa Tetap Kesihatari, Pekerja Ladahg,
Kemiskinan cfunKerajaan Prihatin negeri,
Menurut Jayakumar, kampung terseDr. Xavier Jayakumar mengenai rencana
but akan menjadi perintis kepada progkerajaan negeri dalam mengatasi masalah
ram itu yapg turut dibantu sebuM badan
penempatansetinggan di masa hadapan.
bukan kerajaan (NGO)antarabangsa iaitu
Katanya, pembinaan pangsapuri 20
Habitat For Humity dari Amerika Syarikat.
atau 25 tingkat lebih mengundang kepada
Jelasnya, NGO terbabit akan melakukan bancian terlebih dahulu di kam.pung itu dan kemudian menyediakandata
maklumat mengenai biodata penduduk
tersebut sebelum program tersebut di~
"Program itu akan memakan masa
dan kerajaanpegeri bersedia
memberi peruhtukan ke padlPprogram
itu, sekiranya berjaya -ia. disusuli di beber apa pen emp. atan setinggan lain di negeri ini,"ujarnya.
penduduk di kampung itu
telah menanti lebih 40 tahun untuk memiliki rumahlebih selesa berikutan ketika
ini penempatan mereka tidak teratur dan
tiada prasarana awam yang baik.
"Akibatnya tahap kesihatan mereka sering terjejas dan penduduk dilaporkan.
bariyak menghidap denggi disebabkan tiada saluran longkang yang efisen'selain
kawasan sekitar yangkotor," ujarnya.
1 4 JUN
. .
OlehAbdul RazakRaaff
perkh . idma t an .:
aw a1;I1 t er babif<bOleh dikenakan "tin
Kebenaran b~rtuJuru Cakap Jabatan
dan Tatatertib) 1993 dan peratur an,
lis untuk kakitangan awam Awam (JPA)berkata, mengikut
p-er- dakan
demi kepenti' Peraturan Pegawai.AWam(Kel~u- ,
. dibersaralciri
bekerja ,sambilanselepas wak,' aturan 49, Peraturan-Peraturari Pe- ngan'sekfor awam.
kan dan Tatatertib)"PiJ).daan2002"
ttu kerja atau hujung minggu akan gawaiAwam(Kelakuan-dan Tatater"KakitanganawamQukantidak bo,kakitangaJ} awarilyang ;irigtn,Il1ela- ,
kel']a:atau¥etika melakukantugas
rasIijl gan tlqakbercanggah
kepentmgan p~rkhidniatm 'awam.
Sementara itu, PresidenCuepacs;
Omar Osman,.menasihatkankakitanganawam ,yang ingin' bekeija
idibatall}anjika prestasi'kerja dim tib) 1993,ketuaja):>atan
tetapipefluuta: ktj1{anpekerjaan,isambilan
'hendak- ~ambilan:memastika,tlwaktu'kerja
.kuasamembatalkankebenaranber- IDakantugasdantanggungjawabse, lab m,endapatkebenaranbertuliske- sambilantidakjmelebiliijam"12teMalah, kakitangan terbabit yang
masili meneruskan kerja sambilan
selepa~ kebenaran itu dibatalkan
lakan dlkenakan tindakan tatatertib,
tulis bekerja sambilan 'jika kakitangannyamengabaikanprestasikerja
sehingga, .,menjejaskan sistem penyampaian perkhidmatan,
bagaipenjawat awam dan memastikan sistem
perkhidniatan aw;pn tidak terjejas,"
katanya semalam.
ngahmaliun supaya mereka .mem,Ketua jabatan akan mehilai kela- 'punyai masa rehat m:encukupi dan
kUanserta syaratditetapkan 1erma- tidak menjejaskan prestasi kerja dan
suk tidak dilak11karipada waktu,be- .produktiviti.
. , .
, A17D ITA
u.&. in .&.N '