Actiongram Nov.
Jim Bret Campbell, President
The American Quarter Horse Journal
[email protected]
Marilyn Brink, 1st Vice President
Kanwaka Communications
[email protected]
Andy Atzenweiler, 2nd Vice President
Missouri Beef Cattleman
[email protected]
Scott Vernon, Secretary/Treasurer
Brock Center for Ag Communication
Cal Poly State University
[email protected]
Kyle Haley, Immediate Past President
Limousin World
[email protected]
Carey Brown (‘09)
Cow Country
[email protected]
Jay Carlson (‘11)
[email protected]
Stan Coffman (‘11)
Ozarks Farm & Neighbor
[email protected]
Cindy Cunningham (‘11)
National Pork Board
[email protected]
Angie Denton (‘11)
Hereford World
[email protected]
Scarlett Hagins (‘10)
Kansas Stockman
[email protected]
Kathy LaScala (‘10)
Food 360
[email protected]
Christy Lee (‘11)
Seedstock Edge
[email protected]
Beverly Moseley (‘09)
Land & Livestock Post
[email protected]
Don Norton (‘09)
[email protected]
Stephanie Veldman (‘09)
Broadhead + Co.
[email protected]
Diane E. Johnson, executive director
910 Currie St. Fort Worth TX 76107
[email protected] •
office: 817/336-1130 fax: 817/232-4820
Jim Bret Campbell
LPC President
As I write this, I’m sitting in a press room on the Oklahoma State Fairgrounds during the AQHA
World Championship Show. As I’m sure almost everyone gets to experience during your own junior
or championship show, field day or trade show, our four major shows a year mean a lot of long hours,
too much junk food, too little sleep and spending just a little too much time away from your family
and a little too much time with your co-workers. I mean, there’s no corporate team-building exercise
quite like cramming 12 tired Association staff members in a 12 x 15 room for two weeks, right?
Whoever emerges alive is on the team.
For all of the things that might be tough, though, it’s also a time to catch up with old friends, get to
watch people who are passionate about what they do and support a great industry.
I always get a little nostalgic starting this holiday season, and I’m always reminded how God has
given me so many things to appreciate. Here are a few of mine, and if nothing else, perhaps they’ll
give you time to pause and take stock of yours.
I’m thankful for:
• My partner, my friend – my wife, Teri.
• Two incredible, imaginative sons who greet me at the front door yelling, “Daddy!!”
• Living in a country that’s still free.
• A great job that doesn’t feel like a job (at least
most days!)
• Employment in an industry where you get to
make lifelong friends.
• Shoot, with everything on the news, just to be
• My time in Livestock Publications Council
and my lifelong friends I’ve made here.
• Watching the sun peek over the horizon and
watching the birth of a new day,
• And, watching it slide beneath the horizon and
fade to black.
• A good horse.
Time to be thankful.And, it’s time for the lunch room to feed us again, so I’d better run! •
LPC Winter board meeting - Dec. 7-8
This year’s winter board meeting will be held in Fort Worth on December 7-8. The board will be
discussing the upcoming events for LPC including the 2009 Ag Media Summit and International
Federation of Ag Journalists Congress and updates to the Critique Contest among other new ideas. If
you have any reports or would like something to be brought in front of the board, please contact Jim
Bret Campbell, LPC president -- [email protected]
LPC Luncheon during NCBA in Phoenix
Watch for details of location and time for the 2009 LPC Luncheon held in conjunction with the
National Cattlemen’s Beef Association convention.
Happy Thanksgiving from your LPC board of directors!
Newsletter of the Livestock Publications Council, an international organization serving the dynamic livestock communications industry.
The Roving
Wants to Know
Name: Christy Lee
Age: 31
Board Position: Board member since 2004
Hometown/State: currently live in
Wellington, IN and grew up in Owensville, IN
Number of years in LPC: 9
1. How did you get involved in LPC? I
became a member with my first job as a field
editor at the American Quarter Horse Journal.
I’ve been hooked ever since!
2. What is a reason you would call into
work for a sick day…other than a sick
day? Can I get in trouble for this? I typically
use my sick days for one of my boys being
sick. Actually, a day of lying on the couch
watching TV and reading a magazine sounds
like a wonderful thing!
3. What is your favorite sport to play?
Although I’m tall, I have zero coordination.
I’m only intimidating in basketball or volleyball from the time I walk onto the court until
Compiled by Megan Brownell, Cal Poly State University
the opening whistle
sounds. So, what is my
favorite sport to play?
Does walking count?
4. Do you believe in
karma? Yes. I believe if
you do good, good will
come to you.
5. What person do you
trust the most? My husband, Craig.
6. IPod or radio? IPod
when I’m walking, Pandora when I’m at my
7. What is one thing you think scientists
should invent? I would say heated steering
wheels – I thought that was my great idea last
winter. But, I’ve since discovered they already
exist. There goes my chance at being a millionaire!
8. What is your favorite TV program to
watch? Scrubs, Army Wives and Dancing
with the Stars (something I probably shouldn’t admit, I know.)
9. Have you ever stolen anything? Do I have
to admit this? When I was about five, I
slipped a $3 bendy-hand keychain into my
pocket at 3D, when I was shopping with my
grandma. She found it when we got home,
and she gave me a HUGE talking-to. I
haven’t even THOUGHT of stealing anything
since. The guilt still gets to me!
10. Are you a morning or a night person?
Definitely morning. Before kids, I could stay
out all night long. Now, I’m asleep before the
news comes on, on most nights.
11. Do you usually prefer books or movies?
Typically, I much prefer books. But, finding
time for either these days is a luxury.
12. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Being the mother of 8- and 5-year-old boys,
celebrating my 10-year wedding anniversary
and hopefully, still loving my job with the
National Swine Registry!
13. Describe your favorite meal. Cheese
fries and a chef pasta salad from Eskimo
Joe’s in Stillwater, Okla. So, so bad for me,
but so, so yummy!
14. Are you going to relax in your 80’s or
go sky diving? I hope to be a feisty old lady!
But, I’m also looking forward to relaxing
with my husband and spoiling my grandkids
and great-grandkids rotten.
15. When was the last time you jumped on
your bed? I couldn’t tell you! My ceilings
aren’t high enough… I’d probably end up
with a concussion. Plus, jumping on beds is a
no-no in our house, as far as my 3-year-old
16. Do you make wishes on shooting stars?
Of course!
Winners of IFAJ-Alltech Young Leaders in
Ag Journalism Announced
[Dublin, IRELAND] – The International Federation of
Agricultural Journalists (IFAJ) and animal health and nutrition
company Alltech have announced the five recipients of the 2008
Young Leaders in Agricultural Journalism award. The awards are
valued at 1000 each, Award chair Owen Roberts, who is also
IFAJ’s vice-president for professional development and education, said, “This award recognises the potential of young agricultural journalists. It will help the organisation grow and contribute
positively to the future of the profession.”
David Markey, president of IFAJ said, “On behalf of the
International Federation of Agricultural Journalists, I would like
to thank everyone involved in this award programme which contributes to the global advancement of agricultural journalism and
The International Federation of Agricultural Journalists (IFAJ)
is a non-political, professional association for agricultural journalists in 29 countries. The federation supports and encourages
the practice of agricultural journalism in countries embracing
freedom of the press. One of IFAJ's mandates is improved contact between agricultural journalists. To that end, the federation
publishes IFAJ News, organises an annual congress hosted by a
member country's agricultural journalists' association, publishes a
list of global contacts and offers access to a unique agricultural
communications literature collection and information service, in
partnership with the Ag Communications Documentation Center
at the University of Illinois, USA.
An example of a true
worker bee! Carey is
not only an award
winning journalists
but she can
collate...on the floor...
in a skirt... and then
WIN an award. We’re
proud of you Carey!
Pictured at the announcement of the IFAJ-Alltech Young Leaders in Agricultural
Journalism Award at the 52nd IFAJ Congress in Graz, Austria are Carey Brown
(USA); Elizabeth Svyatkivska (Ukraine); David Markey, president of the IFAJ;
Christina Lombard, Alltech; Owen Roberts, IFAJ; Sarah Sutton (Canada); Juan
Manuel Repetto (Argentina) and Heike Engels, (Germany).
2009 LPC Royal Gala
Behind every
good man is a
good woman. In
Greg’s case there
are several. But
the queen is his
wife, Ruth,
(shown on the
left) with her
niece, Katie, and
her sister-in-law,
Maradith Molstad. All
lovely and charming!
The fifth annual LPC Royal Gala was held during the American
Royal in Kansas City on October 31. This fundraiser continues to
thrive with the Hall of Honor that has been established and is
home to plaques of all of the past winners of the Headliner and
Hall of Fame awards plus the plaques for the Student award winners and Distinguished Service Awards. This year plaques for
Greg Henderson and Bud Snidow were unveiled for the Hall of
Fame and Headliner awards respectively. Above left, the Vance
Publishing supporters on hand to help honor Greg (center) were
Mark Siebert, Eloise Seaman, Kathy LaScala. Above are
American Hereford Association representatives Craig Huffhines,
Angie Denton, Amy Cowan with Honoree Bud Snidow. Both of
these gentlemen are very deserving of these honors with years of
service to the livestock publishing industry.
Every year John Deere is our lead supporter
and again they were on hand to enjoy the
festivities. At left are Rhonda and Barry
Nelson. Quite appropriate attire for both of
you and we thank you for your enthusiasm
for LPC! In the photo on the right is our
newest sponsor, SFP (Specialty Fertilizer
Products) represented by Melanie Acklin
(left). Not only were they a sponsor, they
also ponied up $10,000 to purchase the Beef
Breeds package generously donated by 15
different LPC member publications. Shown
with Melanie are Amber Spafford and Keri
Geffert English with Osborn & Barr
This year’s theme for the Gala was a
Masquerade Party and the masks
certainly were a hit and each person
walking up the stairs surprised us!
1. Award winners for the best masks
were Cheryl Oxley (best overall),
Justin Stout (best mask) and Molly Mader (most coordinated). 2. Gena and
Andy Atzenweiler proudly showed off their authentic masks direct from Venice,
Italy. 3. It took ALL kinds and Tara and Mark Litzenberger representing John
Deere showed their humor while Kelly Schwalbe (4) showed his creativity with
his Zorro impersonation! 5. Charles (Boat) Terry was one of the stars of the
dance floor as he twirled his wife Becky. Love the mask on the Stetson! 6. This
one was almost disturbing! Kristian Rennart poses
with Shari Holloway who proved that everyone was
having a great time. 7. Sandy Coffman, Connie and
Don Norton in true formal masquerade attire. And
supporting the auction with his generosity was (8)
Larry Dreiling, who visits with LPC President Jim
Bret Campbell and First Vice President, Marilyn
Brink who were taking a break during the evening.
At right (9) were our official photographers Chelsea
Good and Crystal Young who were responsible for
these fabulous photos!
Thank you Certified Hereford Beef and National Pork Board for your generous donations of the delicious meat.
Thank-you to these
Royal Gala Donors, Buyers
& Volunteers
Beef Breeds Journal Package
Donors: Angus Journal, Beefmaster Cowman,
Braunvieh World, Charolais Journal, ACJ,
Gelbvieh World, Hereford World, Limousin
World, Maine-Anjou Voice, American Red
Angus, The Register, American Salers, Santa
Gertrudis USA, Shorthorn Country and Texas
Longhorn Trails.
Purchased by: Melanie Acklin, SFP
Bud Snidow Painting
Donor: Bud Snidow
Purchased by: Anita Vanderwert
Weekend Fishing at a Country Retreat
Donor: Kanwaka Communications,
Bob and Marilyn Brink
Purchased by: Barry and Rhonda Nelson
E-mail Blast
Donor: EDJE Technologies
Purchased by: American Cattle Services
Framed Print –“A Cowboy’s Right Hand”
Donors: Martha Ostendorf, Corral Creek
Communications, photography;and Boelte-Hall,
Inc., canvas print and frame
Purchased by: Garrett Shropshire
“Best Remudas” Framed Print
Donor: The American Quarter Horse Journal
Purchased by: Stan Molstead
Custom-Made Necklace
Donor: Rowdy Blonde Studio, Suzette Nesbitt
Purchased by: Mike Gustafson
Cowboy Hat Candy Basket
Donor: Lisa Bryant, The Cowboy Connection
Purchased by: Melita Cramblett
Cookbook Collection (2)
Donor: Successful Farming, Scott Mortimer
Purchased by: Sheryl Clanton and Lisa Bryant
Working Western Leather Cowhide Briefcase
Donor: AdFarm
Purchased by: Steve Dorran
Olympic Gold Medal Winner Memorabilia
Donor: Charleston|Orwig
Purchased by: Mark Siebert
Turquoise and Bronzite Necklace
Donor: Jewlz by Jill
Purchased by: Ruth Henderson
Beef Griller’s Delight Cookbook
Donor: Cattlemen’s Beef Board
Purchased by: Cliff Becker
Four (4) Kansas City Steak Co. Certificates
Donor: Kansas Agriculture Network
Purchased by: Fred Knop, Melita Cramblett,
Kris Boone and Becky Terry
Certified Angus Beef® Package
Donor: Certified Angus Beef
Purchased by: Katie Molstad
Case IH Tractor
Donor: Secret Santa
Purchased by: Shari Holloway
The Healthy Beef Cookbooks (2)
Donor: Cattlemen’s Beef Board
Purchased by: Marilyn Brink and Becky Terry
California Wines
Donor: Scott Vernon, Brock Center for Ag
Communication, Cal Poly
Purchased by: Teresa Roof
Two (2) Packages - Amana Meats World
Famous Iowa Chops
Donor: National Pork Board
Purchased by: Cliff Becker and Stan & Sandy
Homemade Rolls of Deer Sausage
Donor: Boelte-Hall
Purchased by: Don Norton
Missouri Wines (2)
Donor: Brownfield Network
Purchased by: Christy Borrowman and Melanie
There is so much that
goes on behind the
scenes for the Gala and
it takes the generosity of
many volunteers to
make it happen. After
five years, we kind of
have it down to a
science but it still takes
many people to put the
final touches on. At far left are Scott Johnson
and Cindy Cunningham working on the AV;
above Keri Geffert English and Colleen Church
McDowall with Peanut. At left are Stephanie
Veldman and Silent Auction Chair, Christy Lee.
A HUGE thank you goes to
ALL Gala volunteers!
Thank you Gala Chair,
Amber Spafford and
Auctioneer Justin Stout.
Cow Head Candy Basket
Donor: Lisa Bryant, The Cowboy Connection
Purchased by: Shari Holloway
Bottle of Woodford Reserve Bourbon with
personalized label
Donor: the Kentucky Cattlemen’s Association
Purchased by: Larry Dreiling
Great Ranches of the West coffee table book
Donor: BEEF Magazine
Purchased by: Stan and Sandy Coffman
Premier Designs Bellissimo Necklace
Donor: Sharla Ishmael, Clear Point
Purchased by: Mike Gustafson
MK High Intensity Irresistible Gift Set
Donor: Rebecca Terry
Purchased by: Mike Gustafson
Jowler Creek Wine Basket
Donor: Jason and Colleen Gerke, Jowler Creek
Vineyard & Winery
Purchased by: Teresa Roof
Lizzies Lather Soap Basket
Donor: Lizzies Lather Soap Company
Purchased by: Cliff Becker
Bella Belara Night on the Town Gift Set
Donor: Rebecca Terry
Purchased by: Marilyn Brink
Horseshoe Wine Rack
Donor: Rob McDowall
Purchased by: Cindy Cunningham
Cowhide Rug
Donor: Cliff Becker
Purchased by: Stan and Sandy Coffman
American Royal Horse Show Tickets (2)
Purchased by: Jay Carlson and Joe Seaman
Mary Kay Signature Lipstick Collection
Donor: Rebecca Terry
Purchased by: Amber Spafford
With the Gala landing on
Halloween we realized
that many parents sacrificed their evening to come
to the Gala. But during set
up we had our own trick or
treaters. Hunter (the
horse) and Olivia (cowgirl,
and “horse owner”)
stopped in with their costumes to bring a smile to
our faces! Mom Jennifer
Shike is the youth activities director for the
National Swine Registry
and was the LPC Student
Award Winner in 1999.

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