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S T. M I C H A E L’ S M E S S E N G E R
Mission Statement
A community in Christ, welcoming all who seek God’s grace
and love through faith, worship, and fellowship.
October 2015
Vestry Members
Paul Demetree
Senior Warden
Philip Demro
Kyle Smith
Assistant Treasurer
Cathy Kerns
Colonel Airth
Frank Bedell
Betsy Culpepper
Susie DiDea
Katie Gierok
John Houston
Jan Tillman
Roger Trubey
Worship Schedule
Holy Eucharists
8:00 a.m. ▪ 10:15 a.m.
6:00 p.m.
Healing Service
12:15 p.m.
7:00 a.m.
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A Family Growing In Christ
Dearest St. Michael’s family,
As I write this article for The Messenger
I have been on ground in Orlando for just
over 100 hours. Thank you for your outpouring of love and gracious welcome in
my first few hours with the St. Michaels’
family—you have demonstrated great
hospitality and I already feel at home.
Hospitality is at the heart of the gospel.
When Jesus began his own mission,
wandering the countryside, speaking to
both his disciples and to the crowds that
gathered to hear his words, no matter
where he was or to whom he was
speaking, Jesus specialized in simple acts
of love, compassion and concern. Thank
you for your love, compassion and
concern for us in our transition; you have
been the hands and heart of Christ to us!
mission were about hospitality. In order
for the disciples to reach people in the
areas they were to visit, they first had to
be received or welcomed. The simple act
of welcoming a tired traveler opens a new
world of possibility to the one who
receives. Welcoming a disciple, Jesus
states, is equivalent to welcoming him.
Thank you for opening your doors, hearts,
and lives to Katrena and me.
As I’ve walked the church property and
the neighborhood, I’ve prayed about
God’s dream for us; where is God leading
us and who is God leading to us? How
will God use this loving, faithful community to build on our existing strong foundation and serve the cause of Christ in
College Park and greater Orlando in the
coming years? Whatever it may be, I
know for certain that St. Michael’s is
RADIATING with the love of Jesus Christ
I’ve met, conversed and prayed with many and is PREPARED to be used by God and
EXPRESS the same love and hospitality
people in my first 100+ hours with St.
Michael’s family. The underlying energy that Katrena and I have experienced to the
in all my encounters has been God’s love. many travelers who have grown weary
from the trials, traumas and demands of
You are a beautiful community of
life’s journey.
Christians committed to Jesus’ greatest
command to love God and to love your
Jesus told his disciples that the world
neighbor, just like it is stated in our
would know that he is the one sent by God
Sunday bulletin: “ St. Michael’s is a
community in Christ, welcoming all who to redeem the world by the way they loved
seek God’s grace and love through faith, one another. Love is clearly the defining
mark of St. Michael’s! Katrena and I are
worship, and fellowship.”
honored and privileged to share in the
journey with you.
It is impossible to fulfill Jesus’ Great
Commission (“Go into the world and
In Christ’s love,
make disciples”) without fulfilling his
Fr. Rick
Great Commandment (“Love God and
love your neighbor…”) Jesus’ final words
to his disciples before he sent them out on
fishermen. “Lord,” he whispered, “you washed
their feet; I will black their shoes.”
Deacon Carter Smith
What an exciting time it is at St. Michael’s! We are
welcoming Fr. Rick and his wife Katrena, we are
beginning a new school year and many of our snow
birds are returning. Soon it will be Halloween, and
it won’t be long before we start to see hear the bells
of the Salvation Army as they make their annual
donation drive.
Samuel Brengle went on to establish the Salvation
Army in America. At the time of his death, the Salvation Army was thriving in both the United States
and Canada. Just before his death, Brengle sent out
a short message to all of his top leaders. This
memo had one single word written on it: “Others.”
In the Gospel of Mark, after James and John have
asked to sit one at Jesus right hand and one at His
left, Jesus tells His disciples, “…whoever wishes to
It was 1878, when the Salvation Army was really
beginning to make it’s mark. Men and women from be become great among you must be your servant,
all over the world began to enlist. A man who once and whoever wishes to be first among you must be
dreamed of becoming a bishop in another denomi- a slave of all. For the Son of Man came not to be
served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom
nation crossed the Atlantic from America to
for many.”
England to enlist in the Salvation Army instead.
His name was Samuel Brengle. He left his post as
pastor at a fine church in the States to join William One of my favorite contemporary hymns, “The
Booth’s Army. At first General Booth accepted his Servant Song,” puts it this way: “Will you let me be
your servant, let me be as Christ to you? Pray that I
service reluctantly and grudgingly. Booth said to
might have the grace to let you be my servant, too.”
Brengle, “You’ve been your own boss too long.”
So in order to instill humility in Brengle, he made
him work cleaning the boots of the other trainees. Isn’t this what we are called to do for each other?
Discouraged, Brengle said to himself, “Have I fol- Carter
lowed my own fancy across the Atlantic in order to
black boots? Then, as in a vision, he saw Jesus
bending over the feet of rough, uneducated
Carrying the Light of Christ into the sanctuary at the beginning of a worship service
and back out into the world at its conclusion
is an honor.
Do you love Flowers? The Guild is looking for new
members for the 5th Sunday. We will train – all you
need is a willingness to learn and a commitment to serving God and the beauty of his house.
Acolytes serve by ministering at the altar on
Sundays and on special occasions. As crucifers, torch bearers, bells, and other altar
servers, our acolytes provide an indispensable service to our church.
Prayerfully consider Service in the Flower Guild. If you
are interested, please call Susie or Kay.
Any young person from grades 3 through 12 who feels a call
to serve is welcome to participate in this wonderful youth
Please call the Church Office at 407-843-8448 or speak to
Ed Murphy.
Susie DiDea (407-422-5376)
Kay Shuman (407-898-2682)
Flower Guild Co-Chairs
A Prayer for our Parish [BCP p.817]:
Almighty and everliving God, ruler of all
things in heaven and earth, hear our prayers
for this parish family. Strengthen the faithful, arouse the careless, and restore the penitent. Grant us all things necessary for our
common life, and bring us all to be of one
heart and mind within your holy Church;
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
We had a wonderful start to the year in
ALL groups!! The Youth Choir Workshop
and annual trip to DeLeon Springs greatly
enjoyed by all at the end of August.
New Members: Brookie Pope, Emily & Michael Dunaway, and Elle Hackler in the Angles Choir / Azure Bosko, Avery Searle,
Sam Dunaway, and Grant Ferraro in the
Youth Choir / Didi Wilhelm, and returning
Alum, Elena Gierok in the Adult Choir!
MAGNIFICENT music on our Patronal
Feast Day – St. Michael’s Day, Sunday, Sep
We are so excited about what fun
learning is taking place in our
Preschool. October will be full of
visits from fire fighters, police
officers and garbage trucks as we
learn about our community helpers as well as field trips to Publix
and Green Meadows Petting Farm.
September included an Open House night for our parents
to come learn more about our school as well as church
opportunities for their entire family.
Our 6th Annual Chili Cook-off is Friday, October 2nd at
6 pm. We would love for you to come be a part of our
school family. Cookout will include hamburgers,
hotdogs, chips & fruit. We will have a cash bar for beer,
wine & sodas, and, a bake sale. Children are encouraged
to dress as cowboys/cowgirls. We will have lots of
games and dancing. Bring the whole family for a night of
fun!! Contact the preschool office for ticket information.
We are so excited to be participating along with
Children’s Ministry in the Edgewater Homecoming
Parade. The parade will take place on Friday, October
16th at 5:30pm. Our parents are busy working together to
plan our float and giveaway. Please let Melanie or Tiffany Director of Children’s Ministry, know if you are
interested in joining this joint parent committee.
Make plans to come by Quigley during the mornings of
Tuesday, October 27th through Friday, October 30th as we
host our annual Scholastic Book Fair in Quigley
Hall. Our Book Fair “kick-off” event will take place on
Tuesday, October 27th from 6:00pm-8:00pm. Children
can come in their pajamas to have milk & cookies and
hear stories while you shop our book fair. Books make
the perfect birthday or Christmas gifts so please stop by
to purchase a book as well as help support our sweet
Children’s Ministry
Fall Special Events
September 29th - We will join the youth's 5th Tuesday Club
at the Coalition to feed the homeless. Wear a hat and meet at
the church at 5:45pm and we will return around 8:00pm.
Space is limited to 12 kids so sign up today if you would like
to be a part of this amazing outreach St. Michael's has been
doing for years.
Gleaning, Saturday, November 14th
Mission night will be held on Wednesday nights starting October 7th and ending October 28th from
6:15 pm – 7:15 pm in the Camp Rock room. These four
classes will be focused on Mission work and will include
a mission project we will do together. This class is open
to K-5th grade. Pizza will be provided.
What is Gleaning? Gleaning (also called scrounging) is
the act of collecting leftover crops from farmers' fields
after they have been commercially harvested or on fields
where it is not economically profitable to harvest. We
are partnering up with the Society of St. Andrew to help
end hunger.
Our group will go to a local farm and glean their leftover
harvest where it will be donated to a local food pantry or
Club 412 - On Sunday, October 18th we will go to Long and
charity in need. Bring your whole family! No one is too
Scotts for the corn maze. We will meet in the Club 412 room
old or too young for the job. This is a great way to
right after the 10:15 service for lunch then head to Long and
show our children we can make a difference in the fight
Scott’s at 12:30 and back at 3:45pm. Because there is a
wedding going on at St. Michael’s we will meet at Dartmouth against hunger.
Park for you to pick up your child. We do need a couple of
adults to help drive and chaperone.
Admission is $9.00 per child and $11.00 per adult (chaperones
do not have to pay). They can bring extra money to spend at
the country store if they would like. You can also see if Living
Social has discounted tickets. They usually do for this event.
Closer to our date scheduled we will get our job assignment. We know it will be in the morning. We will pass
on details as we get them.
If you would like to know more about the Society of St.
Andrew you can check them out at: &
Family Camping will take place October 23rd – 25th at
Kelly Park in Apopka. The cost is $3.00 per person per
day. If you lack camping gear please let us know. Many
campers have items you can borrow. Sign up in Quigley
Hall or email Tiffany.
Pageant Signups will begin on November 8th & the
Christmas Pageant is on December 20th during the
10:15 service.
Practices will be December 6th, 13th, and 20th at 9:00
Tiffany Stieger
[email protected]
Fall Schedule:
Tuesday, September 29
Saturday, October 3
Wednesdays, October 7 -28
Wednesday, October 14
Sunday, October 18
Fri-Sun, October 23-25
Sunday, November 1
Sunday, November 9
Saturday, November 14
Wednesday, November 19
Sunday, November 30
Club 412 joins the 5th Tuesday Club at the
Coalition for the Homeless
Blessing of the Pets at 10:00 am
Mission Nights, 6pm – 7pm
Camp Rock room
Evensong, 5:30 pm
Club 412 Event
Family Camping at Kelly Park
All Saints’ Sunday
Pageant Sign ups begin
Gleaning, time and location TBA
Evensong, 5:30 pm
Advent Wreath Party
Do we know how much the world outside of us affects our behaviors and beliefs? Considering, from the time we are born
until this very moment that we are constantly being influenced by a myriad of stimulations, one might say we are mostly affected by things coming to us from the outside and not from what resides within.
However, E. Stanley Jones, a theologian and missionary who spent much time in India and with Gandhi, suggests something
else. He was describing modern man like this: "If he is in a tight spot he borrows money on the furniture. If he is low, he
lights a cigarette. If he is lonely, he goes to a movie. If he is maladjusted, he goes to a psychiatrist. If he has a headache, he
takes an aspirin. All from the outside in.” He concluded with, “The Christian remedy is from the inside out."
Yet, do we not still need to consider what enters our bodies, hearts, and minds? As children or adults we can be fed fried anger, sweet condescension, and fattening violence along with a good measure of mistaken identity. Which makes the point for
the need of worship, study, prayer, and fellowship. To be able to touch, and awaken, what God has given us, and, to fully
come to know Him, we need the input of The Lord frequently and consistently.
One person who accomplished this task was a 17 th century monk. Brother Lawrence was known for his kindness and willingness to help others. He demonstrated how it was possible to meet God “… amongst the pots and pans; in the ordinary, daily
events of life.” Although it took him many years to fully and totally focus himself on God, he wrote, “We must not grow weary of doing little things for the love of God, who looks not on the great size of the work, but on the love of it. In the way of
God … Love does it all.” We can all hope that Christians will look at life as a blossoming forth of the beauty that God has
planted within a person’s soul. To see the world as God’s creation because God is love, inside and out.
Diane +
Sunday School just doesn’t stop for youth OR Young Adults. Ever yone meets in the Youth Room at
10:15am for donuts, juice, and Jesus! You’ll be back in time for Communion with your family.
Oh my boils and ghouls, sign-up deadline for
The Great Pumpkin Chase is Thursday, Oct. 29. The Great
Pumpkin Chase itself is Sunday, Nov. 1, 4:15pm is the start time, and cost is $5 per person.
We’ll have games and great food as we find The Great Pumpkin somewhere in Orlando. Sign-up outside the Youth room
and/or on our Facebook page and you know to bring your friends. We’re done at 6:30pm. We’ll need parents to help decorate the Youth Room, prepare food, and drivers!!! Contact Mike or Kimberly Corso to help.
From Your Vestry
A Parish Meeting was held in the church on October 20. We welcomed the following new Vestry members:
Susie Didea, Roger Trubey, Betsy Culpepper, and Jan Tillman
They will fulfill the remaining two-plus years of the terms for retiring Vestry members Sherry Bremer,
Deborah Cook, Cheryl James, and Glenn Krohn. The Vestry is now back on cycle after the class of 2015 was
held over, due to the search for a new rector.
The complete Vestry is as follows;
Paul Demetree 16
Katie Gierok 16
John Houston 16
Cathy Kerns 16
Colonel Airth 17
Frank Bedell 17
Phil Demro 17
Kyle Smith 17
Susie Didea 18
Roger Trubey 18
Betsy Culpepper 18
Jan Tillman 18
Saturday, October 3rd
10:00 a.m.— Patio
On Saturday, October 3rd, you will have the chance to bring your pets
to a special service as we mark and celebrate the life of St.
Francis. We hope all of our children and friends will join us for this
event. Pets should be on leashes, in cages, or somehow manageable.
Please join us after for a time of lite refreshments and fellowship.
Dog and cat treats will be available!
Public Service of Healing
Each Wednesday, at 12:15 p.m. in the Chapel, there is
a healing service.
We welcome you to this special worship time, a
service of prayer and healing and wholeness. This
service is for healing of every kind, whether physical,
spiritual, or emotional. As Christians, we believe God
is the source of wholeness in our lives. Therefore, it is
appropriate for us to conduct prayers for wholeness
and healing. Some of us need healing from broken
relationships; some of us need healing from
psychological distress; and some of us need the gift
of physical healing. The service is for prayers for
ourselves as well as prayers for others.
A St. Michael’s Day Thank you!
THANK YOU to everyone who brought in cans,
made phone calls, kept track of RSVPS, developed a creative vision, helped make decorations,
set up, decorated, created flower arrangements,
loaned plants, provided delicious food, served,
assisted with the program planning and logistics,
cleaned up and attended our St. Michael's Day
Dinner on the Grounds. What a wonderful day to
welcome our new Rector, Fr. Rick and his lovely
wife, Katrena to our parish family. For fear of
leaving someone's name off I am not listing
individual names, but you know who you are and
you are greatly appreciated. Your support and
willingness to help in so many ways was truly a
blessing to me.
Peggy Trubey, Coordinator
The Gathering
We have a wonderful group of "Seasoned" volunteers at the gathering. Their faithful service is
amazing. We have learned this past summer that
these "Seasoned" volunteers are starting to enjoy
their retirement. It is now our turn to "tenderize"
new young hearts towards this wonderful ministry.
I ask you to prayerfully consider "tenderizing" your
heart towards this mission field that we call The
Gathering. We truly do need you!!!!
Operation Christmas
Kicks off on
October 11th, 2015
A small shoebox can teach a child about the
love of God,
lead him or her to faith in Christ,
inspire pastors, and plant new churches.
What goes into the box is fun, but what comes
out is eternal!
Be a part of changing lives through the power
of a simple gift!
Every shoebox gift that we place into the hands of
a child in need provides an opportunity to demonstrate God’s love and share the Gospel of Jesus
Christ. Each shoebox is packed with love and
covered in prayer, bringing the true meaning of
Christmas to children around the world.
During shoebox presentations, the children hear a
Gospel presentation, and most of them – for the
very first time – realize that they have a heavenly
Father who will always love them and never
leave them.
In the weeks following the shoebox presentations,
the Operation Christmas Child discipleship program – The Greatest Journey – is offered. This is
a program of 12 classes where children learn
about Jesus. Led by trained local teachers, children become grounded in their faith and learn
how to share the Gospel with others. Thousands
of children have come to faith in Christ through
The Greatest Journey, and they are bringing their
parents and families to Christ, as well!
Shoeboxes will be available in the narthex of the
church and in the chapel beginning October 11th.
This is an amazing outreach in which we encourage all members of St. Michael’s to participate.
Paul and Ellen Demetree will head up Operation
Christmas Child. If you have any questions,
please call Ellen at 407-497-7759.
All filled shoeboxes must be returned to the
Church no later than Monday, November 9th,
in order to meet the deadline for worldwide
Every shoebox gift brings HOPE, FAITH, and
LOVE to a child.
Pray – Give - Get Involved!
2499 North Westmoreland Drive
Orlando, FL 32804
Address Service Requested
The Rev. Rick Luoni, Rector
The Rev. Diane J. Souder,
PT Associate Pastoral Care
The Rev. Carter A. Smith, Deacon
Andrew J. Walker, Director of Music
Ella Eagen, Assistant Director of Music
Tiffany Stieger, Director of Children’s Ministry
Melanie Olivier, Interim Director of Preschool
Michael Beam, Director of Youth Ministry
Eddie Edmondson, Sexton
Joan Myers, Controller
Ashleigh Gonzalez, Assistant Parish Administrator
Wilma J. DiGilio, Parish Administrator/Editor
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