Case Study - EWI Worldwide


Case Study - EWI Worldwide
Case Study
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Looking to impress a highly tech-savvy
audience at its first major trade show, DFI
Tech turned to EWI Worldwide for help. We
showed the flexibility and strength of DFI
Tech’s custom-built machines by creating a
large, central exhibit space crowned by 18
monitors, each 46 inches. All 18 screens,
performing in unison, were powered by a single
DFI Tech m100 Media Engine — a feat that
spoke directly to a problem commonly faced
by the IT-industry–based audience. We helped
DFI Tech tell its brand story, and we are now
helping the company extend this initial success
to new markets through other trade shows.
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Case Study
When Fisker Automotive unveiled the Karma,
the world’s first premium hybrid electric car,
the automaker needed a showroom experience
that would live up to its vehicle’s advanced
design, sustainability — and six-figure price
tag. EWI Worldwide designed a technology
platform that would seamlessly track and
formalize customers’ relationships with the
brand. We built touch-screen Technology
Tables and an iPad app for dealers, which was
integrated with Fisker’s existing CRM database
so information would never be lost. As a result,
dealers can work confidently with customers
from any starting touch point as well as from
the exact point where they left off, creating a
personalized, luxurious experience with Fisker.
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Case Study
Findmore Interactive Smart Display
For its back-to-school line of denim, JCPenney
wanted to drive traffic from the popular atrium
at the center of a California mall —in front
of a Macy’s —to a JCPenney store on the
building’s south end. As part of our solution,
EWI Worldwide took over an empty retail
space in the atrium and used cutting-edge
“touch foil” and rear projectors to transform
the defunct shop doors into 7-foot-tall touch
screens showcasing JCPenney denim. Visitors
could browse the jeans collections, and then
were shown a map leading them directly to
their chosen pair in the store. Two independent
displays attracted passersby to watch and
participate. The displays ran for a full 90
days without failure, resulting in measureable
year-over-year sales increases in denim for the
JCPenney location.
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Case Study
Close Encounters of the Kia Kind
Kia Motors — often recognized as a
cutting-edge and youth-oriented brand —
asked EWI Worldwide to bring its brand to life
on a crowded trade show floor. We created
five interactive experiences for the show,
including the smash-hit “Close Encounters
of the Kia Kind,” a virtual reality party that let
guests dance with the “Hamstars” featured in
the popular Kia commercials. The dance floor
was constantly packed. EWI Worldwide also
designed an integrated iPad app, enabling
product specialists to offer guests an emailed
video of their time on the dance floor. Many of
those who wanted a video also opted in to an
email list — converting engaged attendees into
potential buyers.
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Case Study
Digital Passport Program
When Life Technologies released the Ion
Torrent — which quickly maps the human
genome — the global biotech company
planned a two-year, nationwide bus tour to
drum up excitement in diverse industries.
Life Technologies asked EWI Worldwide for
help tracking bus visitors and streamlining
follow-up. To do it, we built a Digital Passport
Program, inviting visitors to RSVP for available
tour timeslots. Each received an Active QR™
code for their smartphone, which they used
to sign in at their assigned tour time. We also
built an iPad app for brand advocates so they
could track visitors’ experiences and ensure
future sales communications were relevant to
customers’ needs.
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Case Study
Active QRTM Program
With a niche market of auto enthusiasts, Nitto
Tire USA relies heavily on word-of-mouth. For
the invitation-only 2011 SEMA Show, Nitto
wanted to ensure that their marketing reflected
the brand’s messaging. EWI Worldwide built
an Active QR™ code RSVP system that invited
press to view 70 pieces of multimedia content
at the Nitto booth. The QR code tracked what
content users watched. One hour later, it sent
each user a personalized email — giving more
than 700 bloggers and journalists easy-to-share
content that incorporated Nitto’s messaging.
The exhibit sparked a strong word-of-mouth
campaign and was recognized with an award
from the 26th Annual EXHIBITOR Magazine
Design Awards program.
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Case Study
Titanic - 12,450 Feet Below Exhibit
When a star-studded team — including Titanic
discoverer Dr. Robert Ballard and former
Disney Imagineer Tim Delaney — designed
an ambitious exhibit about the Titanic, they
needed world-class project managers,
programmers, digital experts, and logistics
and installation specialists to make their vision
a reality. EWI Worldwide created a visually
stunning exhibit through lighting, audio and
set pieces, including a giant, cold-to-thetouch iceberg. Digital elements in every
room, such as a deep-sea fish that reacts to
visitors’ movements and the multifunctional
Microsoft Surface Tables, tell the Titanic’s
story in an immersive way. The exhibit opened
to record-breaking crowds and rave reviews,
including one from Dr. Ballard himself: “You
could stay here for days.”
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