MPC Family Life SMALL GROUPS, Fall 2015 Catalog


MPC Family Life SMALL GROUPS, Fall 2015 Catalog
MPC Family Life
Fall 2015 Catalog
great ways to connect with
your church family
Registration September 6, 13 & 20
Shopping Locally as an Act of Non-violence
Let’s discuss the importance of patronizing locallyowned businesses—an act of non-violence that chooses local economies over globalization, and
treads lightly upon the earth. A field trip into
Montclair Village to meet local business owners is
included. Location, MPC
Dates: Saturdays, November 14 & 21, 10-11:30,
Participants: 3 - 8 Conveners: Ben & Anne Daniel
Expand your social horizon and join this
group for soup and conversation. . .in a
relaxed setting at Miles & Mary Ellen’s
home near the Oakland/Berkeley border.
We provide the soup & conversation
topics, and you provide the chatter!
Second Tuesdays @ 6pm,
Nov 10, Dec 8, & Jan12
Participants: 8
Conveners: Mary Ellen and Miles McKey
Note: hillside house, lots of steps to front
HABITAT FOR HUMANITY Come help us build a house with Habitat on their All Faiths Build Day. Ages 16 and up are welcome. Bring your enthusiasm & some sunscreen. Saturday, October 17 meet in the MPC parking lot at 8:00am, work until 4:00pm Participants: 5-­‐10 Convener: Gretchen Garlinghouse KNITTING GROUP Learn to knit, get help on the projects you have in progress, brainstorm with others about ways to save the world through knitting, and generally have a great time with the Knitting Group. Meet for 6 Thursdays, 9:30-­‐noon, starting October 1 at Minda’s Alameda home. Participants : 6-­‐10 Convener: Minda Lucero BEER AND THEOLOGY
Each week Talitha will toss out a
great new topic for us to mull over
& dive into. Come ready to listen
and talk, talk and listen.
Cato’s Alehouse, Piedmont Ave, Oak.
Thursdays 5:30-7, Oct 1,15,29,Nov 12
Participants: 10-16
Convener: Talitha Phillips
Love the Earth: Restoration in the Redwoods
Come join us in removing non-native spiderwort
from under tall redwoods in Joaquin Miller Park.
Help the earth in the company of a happy group of
MPC folk! Great project for all ages. Family and
friends are invited.
Meet at 12:45 Saturday, Oct.3 at Big Trees Trail
pullout off of Skyline Blvd in Joaquin Miller Park.
We'll work until 3:00. Participants: 10-20
Convener: Dolores Nice-Siegenthaler, Volunteer w/
Friends of Sausal Creek
Hey, MPC grandparents, let's get our
grandkids (under 6) together for a
playgroup, for them and us!
Tuesdays, Sept 29 & Oct 6 and
Thursdays, Oct 1 & Oct 8 work for me,
so please sign up for the dates that fit
in your calendar. We’ll try for two
morning sessions at a local park & see
what grows from it.
Convener: Betsy King
Ever want to learn to draw some of the
beautiful details you see when traveling or
even visiting a local garden? Jane
VanderVeer will show us great examples
and give us hints from her own experiences,
and then we'll carpool to local scenes to
practice and share.
Dates: Mondays 9:30-noon, Oct 5 & 19
Participants: 3-8
Convener: Gretchen Garlinghouse
BAKING BREAD FOR BREAKING BREAD Let’s get together to bake bread on Saturday so our creations can be used to break bread during Communion in Sunday Celebration! Children are welcome with parents. Meet at the church kitchen, noon – 3pm, Saturdays, Oct 3, Oct 31, Dec.5 Participants: 4-­‐8 Convener: Debbie Fallehey FAMILY NIGHT, GAMES AND PIZZA! Let’s meet in the Family Room on a couple of Friday nights to share dinner and have some old fashioned fun playing board games and cards. Shared costs for the pizzas, pot luck the rest. Fridays, Sept 25, Oct 30, Nov 27 & Jan 22 6-­‐9pm work for me, so please sign up for the dates that fit in your calendar. We’ll try for two sessions & see what grows from it. Participants: 8 – 30 Convener: Debbie Fallehey Frequently asked questions about SMALL GROUPS:
Do I have to bring my own family? No. .Family Life means your extended family – your
church family. Young, old, in-between, couples, singles, with kids or without, everyone is
Can I just show up for these groups? No. .we are trying to build long-term friendships
among our church family, so we request that you register for a group & commit to joining
them each time they meet. Usually it’s ok to miss 1 or perhaps 2 times – ask the convener.
Great, I’m ready! Can I sign up? Yes! Registration takes place Sunday Sept. 6, 13, & 20
after Celebration in the Family Hour. Or call Talitha in the office to sign up.
I have an idea for another group. . Great! Talk to one of the Family Life Committee
members or join us on the committee!
Gretchen Garlinghouse, Small Groups Chair
Montclair Presbyterian Church
5701 Thornhill Drive, Oakland, CA. (510) 339-1131

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