St. Clair County ABATE Chapter



St. Clair County ABATE Chapter
St. Clair County A.B.A.T.E. Chapter
November 2008
2008 Chapter Officers
* President
Rich KinKade
[email protected]
* Vice President
Breeze Hankammer
[email protected]
* Treasurer
Renie KinKade
[email protected]
* Secretary & Membership
Sheila Gallagher
[email protected]
Linda Theis
[email protected]
Public Relation
Candi Rasch
[email protected]
Sgt At Arms
Roger Johnston
[email protected]
Sonny Theobald
[email protected]
State Board Rep
Mike and Dawn Bilkie
[email protected]
Region Rep
Bud & Peggy Villiger
[email protected]
State Board & Region Reps
Rich & Renie KinKade
[email protected]
Safety & Education
Tom "TJ" Miles
[email protected]
Carl Buehler
[email protected]
*Executive Board
What’s inside?
President Corner
Holiday CASH
LED Lighting
Notes from the desk of Sheila
Burr to all!
Legislation Concerning You
Telling it like it is from the VP
Southwest Region BOD
St. Clair County A.B.A.T.E. Chapter
Meets the second Thursday of every month at 7:00PM
At the Elks Lodge in Fairview Heights.
November 13th
State Website:
Chapter Website:
Presidents Corner:
Very nice to see our membership in conversation about concerns
of our biker rights. If you are not part of the Yahoo Groups and have an
e-mail address you really need to join. It is FREE and let me tell you
Doug White is informing us of various issues around the US. Please sign
up if you have not done so.
Holiday Cash: Did I get your attention!!! Starting last month we
started selling 100 monthly drawing tickets at $10 each. One ticket
will be drawn at the November meeting where the winner will receive
$700 cash. After the meeting we will have 100 tickets available to sell
for the next monthly drawing. Now tell me, who would like to win $700
for only $10 a chance each month. Best of all, you don’t have to be a member to purchase a ticket and you
don’t have to be present to win, so tell your friends about this. Tickets sold very fast so best show up and get
your ticket at the meeting. We hope to increase both membership and chapter operating funds while continuing
the fight for “YOUR” biker rights.
Sponsors: We are always looking for sponsors for our chapter newsletter. If you have a business card
size you wish to place in the newsletter we have cheep rates. $5 for each month with 6 months paid in
advance. We also have ½ and Full page space available. Contact Sonny to find out quotes and how to
get the information to him.
LED Lighting: Several questions have been raised on the use of LED lighting on your motorcycles. I
asked an officer at the Fairview Heights police department specific questions about the use of LED
lights and to provide a source from the IL traffic code book. All research I have done on the state of IL
DOT website has returned “NOTHING” concrete. When I receive specifics I will pass the information
on to you. If nothing is returned you can expect to see ABATE go forward with a new bill on the use
of LED lighting.
Update – Below is the law pertaining to lights. 625 ILCS 5/12-209) (from Ch. 95 1/2, par. 12-209) Sec. 12-209. Additional Lighting Equipment. (a) Any motor vehicle may be equipped with not more than 2 side cowl or fender lamps which shall emit an amber or white light without glare. (b) Any motor vehicle may be equipped with not more than one running board courtesy lamp on each side thereof which shall emit a white or amber light without glare. (c) Any motor vehicle may be equipped with one or more back-up lamps either separately or in combination with other lamps; but any such back-up lamp or lamps shall not be lighted when the motor vehicle is in forward motion. (Source: P.A. 77-37.)
Ride like the wind,
Rich KinKade
As long as roads are dry, motorcyclists can safely ride year around in spite of cold temperatures (just ask
Roger and Wayne). We are lucky in that we had a phenomenal riding season in SW Illinois this year.
However, when the mercury hides in the bottom of the little red bulb, we have to make some changes in our
riding style.
One of the big enemies of riders is hypothermia. Riding at highway speeds in cool or cold weather can deplete
a rider’s body heat and leave him/her numb and fuzzy-headed (Alcohol can add to this) before they realize
what has happened.
Riders often misjudge how cold the ride will be (wind chill factor) because they are freshly out of a warm
house and standing still in the warm sunshine (the sun will go down). At temperatures below 70 degrees, they
should dress in multiple layers, adding and subtracting as necessary. Not only do multiple layers provide
versatility, they also create insulated pockets of warm air. While it is common for riders to put on sweatshirts
and jackets, the lower body is often ignored.
Thermal underwear and chaps keep feet and knees flexible and ready to function. Thermal socks and ski-sock
liners help keep toes cozy. Many ski shops offer an excellent variety in various weights. The old gray variety
with the red toes will do the job also.
Lightweight riding gloves do little to protect from the cold, and warm hands are critical to quick responses to
unexpected hazards. Ski gloves or winter riding gloves with gauntlet flares help keep hands toasty. Some
riders add ski glove liners, or use three-finger mittens for added warmth. They should be aware, however, that
any added bulk may make operating the controls more awkward.
Those not wearing or wearing a three-quarter helmet may want to consider a ski mask or something similar.
There are excellent masks which cover the head, throat, mouth, and nose with a material similar to a
lightweight wetsuit, yet allow the rider to breathe and speak comfortably. Some dealerships may have them,
but they are more commonly found at sporting goods stores, which offer a line of ski wear.
A luxurious, although expensive, way to keep warm is with an electric suit, gloves, socks, and even heated
grips. They draw little current, but offer a lot of overall warmth. I would bet that an electrical short in the rain
would wake a person up.
Co-riders should wear the same clothing or more, since they often don’t get the same protection from the
fairing that the rider does.
There’s a whole different world of riding in the winter, and we can enjoy it to its fullest if we dress properly.
The most inexpensive insurance policy is Safety.
T.J. Miles
Safety and Ed
Faye Inn Bar & Grill
2503 Main Avenue
Fayetteville, IL
Open Weekdays from 10 am – Midnight
Open Weekends from 10 am – 2 am
The Grill is open from 11 am – 9 pm daily
Featuring Burgers & Appetizers
Notes From The Desk of Sheila
Welcome Welcome Welcome to our new members and to all the members who have renewed their
membership. You are greatly appreciated and we welcome you to and back to the chapter. I did send renewals
to all people expired and will expire from 03/08 through the end of the year
Welcome to our new and renewed members: John Caron, John Moore, Randy & Natalie Huck Sr, Jerry &
Carol Scott
The October meeting went great with many things being taken care of. After the welcome and the Pledge of
Allegiance, we adopted a Poster Child. This poster consisted of a motorcycle rider in full gear that must be
worn on base. The full gear consisted of a helmet, goggles, reflective vest, jacket, leather pants and boots.
Imagine wearing all of that when it is 100 degrees outside.
Newsletter report: Give us your e-mail address and we can send it to you. It is much cheaper then postage and
saves the chapter lots of money. It is also available at our chapter web site.
New Business ; Nominations last meeting and October meeting. Come join the fun and run for an officers
position not for the hills (ha ha). Nominations are as follows:
President - Rich KinKade
Sergeant of Arms - Hank
Vice President - Breeze
Secretary - Sheila Gallagher
Membership - Sheila Gallagher
P.R. - Candi Rasch
Activities - Candi Rasch
Safety & Ed - TJ Miles
Legislative - Carl Buehler
State Board Rep - Rich & Renie KinKade
Region Rep - Candi, Sheila, Breeze, TJ, Rich & Renie
Alt State Board Rep Newsletter - Sonny Theobald
Treasurer - Renie KinKade
Please come to the meeting as there will be some more nominations announced then. As I am planning on
bringing the membership list and going to close my eyes and nominate a bunch of people in a blind draw. Just
stop by the meeting and accept.
Thinking about a Christmas Party again. We have a new raffle starting in October. 100 tickets sold each month
at $10 each. We will draw 1 winner for a $700 prize. I know I am playing. It is the Holiday Season, extra
presents for family and friends. Or buy yourself something pretty.
General Info: Law enforcement is watching you.
Check out the website for lots of events and more.
SW Region Report: State Seminar is Jan 16th. 17th, & 18th. We have 5 rooms with 2 queen beds each at the
Northfield Inn in Springfield
State Budget was “NOT PASSED”
Burr to all!
A nice weekend coming but look out after that! To cold for my butt.
Our White Lightning Run was a GREAT ride....We left Crehan's and made a nice sound
roaring through Smithton and Heckert on to Evansville where refreshments at Just Sue's hit the
spot. On the way back, well, for some of us the White Lightning part kicked in and kicked my
ass! Damn Baldwin Road and BK's bike don't ride well together, especially with me on the back.
But it was a great day and the Chili Cook-off in Freeburg was a great ending. Thanks to everyone
for coming with us! Same time, same place next year so mark those calendars! Second weekend
in October.
Hope everyone has been checking out the magazines in our area. We have started posting
our activities in Biking Life and Midwest Throttle.
On the political side, Rich, Renie, Al and I attened the John Shimkus Fundraiser on
Monday. The FEDPAC presented him with a check for $2000.
On Wednesday at Gallagher's Sheila, Mike, Cindy, Lumpy, TJ, Wayne, Roger, Joyce,
Thunder and I also presented Jerry Costello with a check for $5000. Jerry has been a great
supporter of ABATE and our chapter for many years. Next time you see him, please take the
time to thank him!
Other than that, looks like our first 70/30 drawing is coming up on Thursday and more
tickets will be ready for next months drawing.
Coming up in December at our monthly meeting we will be having our Christmas Party.
Free Food and music! Hope everyone can make it!
Hope everyone has nice Turkey Day!
John Shimkus Fundraiser
Jerry Costello ABATE FEDPAC Presentation
Legislation Concerning You:
A search through whatever sources available to me came up with no local or state legislation directly effecting
motorcyclists. The Illinois Legislature reconvenes this month so there could be rumblings again very soon.
This might be a good opportunity for you to contact your representative and senator, expressing appreciation for
their past support for motorcyclist’s right to choose and requesting this support in the future. Some of the
addresses you might need are;
Senator James F. Clayborne Jr.
327 Missouri Avenue
1st Illinois Bank Bldg., Room 422
East St. Louis, IL 62201
Senator David Luechtefeld
700 North Front Street
P.O. Box 517
Okawville, IL 62271
Representative Thomas Holbrook
9200 West Main Suite 4
Belleville, IL 62223
Representative Dan Reitz
128 A West Main
Sparta, IL 62286
Representative Ron Stephens
112A Executive Drive
Highland, IL 62249
Last month’s state ABATE newspaper contained the legislative ‘report card’. This item reflects on past voting
records. You may want to review this once more before heading to the polls this month. Get out and vote!
Locally, much chatter has been had concerning the legalities of venue operators to establish requirements for
events. Of particular interest is the permission, or lack thereof, to wear ‘colors’. Remember that this is not a
legislative concern, but rather the prerogative of the manager and/or owner of the property.
If you get out on some of the warmer days ahead, remember to always . . .
Be Seen- Stay in Control (of yourself and the bike)- Ride Safe
Carl Buehler
Legislative Representative
Telling it like it is from the VP
(Both seasonal and literally)
(we bounced a little better than our friends did—still prayin for ya guys.)
Unfortunately we lost some brothers Oct. 4th weekend. Our prayers go out to their families.
And there have been numerous crashes. Stan from Sit-n-Bull was run off the Bluff Road, also.
Beat up, but not broken. Thank God!
He won the 10 bucks for the “SONG CONTEST” in Sept. The answer was---“Summer in the City
by the “Lovin Spoonful”!
Got a good response from readers! Even some of the puppies (under 30) knew the title but not the
Ok---now it’s time to bitch………
The education that abate needs to also focus on are the people who DON’T ride!! This season
has been hell on us riders. I don’t know the stats but I’m sure the % is heavy in the riders favor
for “not at fault”!
You know and I know that the drivers now are realllllly busy, TEXTING, EATING, CHANGING
AND ON! They just don’t care. ABATE needs to really get heavy in the lobbying end (I hate
politics) to get our asses covered. LITERALLY!! We can double the lights on the rear and wear
lime green—but if the asshole on 4 wheels aint paying attention—you know the rest. And the first
thing listed on the accident report is “no helmet worn by driver or passenger”.
Do you know that L.E.D.tail and turn signals are “ILLEGAL”! W T F !!! Where’s the lobbyist for that?
“UPDATE”-- ON THAT STATEMENT—“Legs” the state coordinator was at our meeting last night and he
is gonna start the legislation for that. And I’m keepin a close eye on that issue. And Hank has already
put them on our “”ass”” !
Aint this some shit! The government won’t let us light up our ass end because it is distracting to
drivers…distracting to the point of being SEEN!! O M G, WHAT A CONCEPT. Jeez---IF THE
have a simple mind. ((ya think this will get edited??LOLOL))
LINES FOR LED TAIL LIGHTS~~he can't find nuthin' concrete as far as legal or not. kinda that
damn gray area. politics!!!
I, as well as the rest of the Chapter want to thank Alex and Shawn for the superb job they
did for the Belleville Chili Cookoff ABATE Booth. Made some cash for the Chapter !!
((and yeah—this month was a copy and paste from the state letter—imma little tired))
BOD & Southwest Region:
Southwest Region Meeting:
New Chapter: We welcome Apple Creek ABATE Chapter to our Southwest Region. They have moved from
the West Central Region to our region to be better geographically aligned with a region. They service Greene
and Jersey Counties.
Marble Run 2009: Marble Run season planning has already started. To be approved however, I believe we
will have a new area to ride in for 2009 with each chapter having 7 stops within their service area.
Marble Run 2009: If you would like to advertise your business or service in the 2009 Marble Run book
please contact Rich KinKade @ 514-3422. Prices are @20 for ½ page and $30 for a full page ad. Ad’s
must be print ready for we do not provide graphic or ad setup service.
State Board of Directors Meeting: 18 Oct 2008
Budget: Re-aligned physical year to calendar year. Budget will be presented at next BOD meeting.
Chapter sanctions: South Suburban (Chicago area) chapter violated previous sanctions and this requires their
chapter board of directors to attend the next meeting and answer questions. Sanction for allowing a nonpreferred listed advertiser to advertise in chapter newsletter “WITHOUT” BOD approval. Also, in violation for
not having monthly newsletter sent to state for approval prior to sending to membership.
Another chapter is in violation for sanctions on yearly tax information to state. Possible recourse is to pull
chapter charter and move membership to other surrounding chapters.
State Bike Raffle: We were presented a check for $117 for 10% of what your St. Clair County Chapter sold in
the state bike raffle. Thank you to all your efforts with the sales.
Elections: State held their 2009 elections for officers. Few changes for 2009; State Vice Coordinator, North
West Region Coordinator, Newsletter & Products. Open position at state is LEGISLATIVE COORDINATOR.
Congratulations to all State ABATE Officers for 2009.
MRF: Strapped for cash with only a little over 4000 members nationwide the MRF is running out of money.
The MRF is the first line of defense in Washington D.C. and that is something we cannot lose. Your chapter is a
sustaining yearly member. I encourage each of you to check out the MRF and join as an individual. The MRF
has is a vital asset to all of motorcycling and constantly lobby in Washington D.C. on our behalf.
Meeting of the Minds: Conference will be held at the Holiday Inn Centre Downtown Peoria, IL in 2010. This
conference combines the Federation of European Motorcyclists’ Associations (FEMA) and the USA
Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) to discuss issues that affect all motorcyclists.
General Information:
Products: We have chapter Beer / Soda koozies for sale. Price is $1 and they are going fast. Also, patches are
still $5 and look for more chapter merchandise to come.
Elections: Officers will be voted in for 2009 at the November meeting. Come provide your input for the future
officers of your chapters’ goals.
Holiday’s: With family holidays are just around the corner ABATE wishes each and everyone safe
holidays. If you’re planning to travel, watch out for the idiots on the road. If you are staying within
the local area below is a great party our sister chapter Piasa is holding on the 6th.

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