Franklin 4-H Newsletter


Franklin 4-H Newsletter
Franklin 4-H Newsletter
April 2016
Franklin Parish
Extension Service
6562 Main Street
Winnsboro, LA 71295
Fax: 318-435-8216
- Dates to Remember -
Dairy Poster Contest Winners:
4th-6th Grade: 1st: Jace McMurry,
2nd: Kaydence Rainwater, 3rd: Abrey
Beacham. Other participants were:
Tymia Addison, Mandy Presley, Landon Crawford and William Hillman (all
the participants are from Crowville)
7th-8th Grade: 1st: Katie Hall
(Crowville) and 2nd Cameron Smith
1st place winners will have their posters sent down to state for the state
competition. Good luck!!
1 Horse papers due
8-10 Co-op Conference
9 Catfish Festival
13-24 TSC paper clover drive
18-22 YWW week
19 State Ambass Contest
19 Jr. Leader’s meeting
20-24 State SS Match
Achievement Day TBA
19 Jr. Leaders meeting
1 4-H Day at the Capitol
21-24 4-H University
27-1 Summer Camp (week #5)
27-28 No. Reg. Horse Show
31-3 Lost Camp
Louisiana State University Agricultural
Louisiana Agricultural Experiment
Winners of the Art Contest were as follows:
Wood craft
1st: Dani Parker-Fort Necessity
2nd: Landon Crawford-Crowville
1st: Ellie Johnston-Fort Necessity
2nd: Bailey Crawford-Baskin
3rd: Alexis Miller-Fort Necessity
1st: LaZaia Davis-FPHS
1st: Carson Smith-Homeschool
2nd: Landry Smith-Homeschool
3rd: Katie Hall-Crowville
April is National Volunteer
Month. I just want to take
the time to say thank you to
all of the volunteers that
help out with the 4-H program (leaders, youth volunteers, shooting sports, livestock, camp, advisory council). We couldn’t have the
successful program we do
without all of your tireless
efforts and dedication to
the youth.
I will drop off a May newsletter.
Watch the paper for summer
camps and events to participate
in. Enjoy your summer!
Visit our website:
Hair bows
1st: Katie Hall-Crowville
Duct Tape
1st: Meredith Thompson-Fort Necessity
2nd: Cameron Smith-Homeschool
3rd: Nathan McMurray-Baskin
1st: LauraLi Walters-FPHS
2nd: Mahlyn Volentine-Crowville
3rd: Alicia Marzell-Crowville
4th: Dallas Harr-Fort Necessity
Other participants were:
Mallorie Guillot-Fort Necessity
Morgan Neal-Crowville
Anna Hatton-Fort Necessity
Alex Stapp-FCCS
The winner of the Parish photography contest
is LauraLi Walters. It was a great portfolio
of pictures. Great job! Think about going to
4-H University in the photography contest.
Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service
William B. Richardson, Vice –President
of Ag; Dean of Ag.
The LSU Agricultural Center is a statewide campus and provides equal opportunities in programs and employment.
4-H University
Lost Camp
If you are at least 13 years of age or older, now
is the time to start thinking about going to 4-H
University. It will be held the June 21-24, 2016.
It is a great opportunity to enter a contest.
There are many to choose from and you may win a
trip. There is also Clover College. We are on the
LSU campus so it’s a great way to see the college.
Lots of fun to be had. Think about going. I would
like to know by the end of April. Information will
be given out in April club meetings.
Hey Shooting Sports participants, if you are
interested in being an Ambassador for the
shooting sports program next year, you have
to go to 4-H University and interview for
the spot. This is new. Normally you have
to just fill out a paper. This is a great opportunity to see what happens at 4-H U.
You can either do Clover College or you may
choose one of the many contests.
Hey 4th-6th graders! Now is the time
to start Setting your sights on 4-H
Camp. Our week to camp this year
is June 27-July 1, 2016. Deadline
to turn in the deposit of $75 is due
April 18th. The rest of the money will
be due on May 16th. There are some
new tracks this year.
Should be a lot of fun!!
Lost Camp is summer camp for 7th-8th grade
4-H members. It is going to cost $150. It is
only 3 days this year starting July 31-Aug.3.
Information will be sent to your home. You
can pick two different tracks. Other costs
will be a t-shirt, $10 for camp store and a
group photo for the total cost of $175. You
can also apply for a scholarship ($60) to help
with the cost of going to camp.
This year’s Key Club winner is Tiona Harris. She has been involved
with 4-H for the past 7 years and
has been extremely active in the
program. She is currently president of Jr. Leaders, is serving on
the Regional Leadership Board, has
attended 4-H University, Co-op
Conference, and has held various
officer roles in her school’s 4-H Club. Tiona is a
senior at FCCS and will be attending ULM in the fall.
She credits 4-H in helping her become a more confident speaker and has given several speeches to local
civic organizations. What a great accomplishment
Character Counts: Character Development
Remember that you can be TeRRiFICC every day. Be the best
person you can possibly be at all times. Act as though no one is
watching you. Be kind, be caring, and be a person of character.
T = Trustworthiness
R = Respect
R = Responsibility
F = Fairness
C = Caring
C = Citizenship
Assistance Needed??
If you need a special accommodation for your
participation in the event, please contact the
4-H office at 435-7551 at least 2 weeks prior
to the event.
Made Available By:
Kelly Lafferty
Extension Agent(4-H)
Franklin Parish
[email protected]

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