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Jun - All Saints Lutheran Church of Palatine
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Saints Alive!
All Saints Lutheran Church~630 S. Quentin Rd. Palatine, IL 60067~
Summer Worship
Beginning with Memorial Day
weekend (May 26-27), All
Saints has now moved to a
summer worship schedule.
For the summer, we will
worship Saturdays at 5:00pm.
The Saturday service is pianoaccompanied and a simple
"summer-time" liturgy,
featuring Holy Communion as
Sundays we will worship at 9
am. These services will feature
all of the liturgies and styles that
we use all throughout the year.
Blood Drive - Sunday, June 24
All Saints Lutheran Church in conjunction with LifeSource Blood Center will be having a blood drive on Sunday, June 24 from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. in the gathering space. Anyone in good health, at least 17 years of age (16 with parental consent) and weighing at least 110 pounds is a potential donor. An ALYX machine should be available for those of who wish to donate red blood cells only. To schedule your appointment please contact: LifeSource 1-­‐877-­‐
543-­‐3768, register online at www.lifesource.org using sponsor code PA03, see Roger N elson or call him at 847-­‐359-­‐6458. Appointments are recommended and walk-­‐ins are welcome! Save the Date!
Holden Prayer
Ravinia Trip
Blood Drive
June 13
Join us for our
backyard summer
Holden service!
June 23
Join the Outreach
Committee at
Ravinia to see
Garrison Kiellor
June 24
In the gathering
space from 8am1pm at All Saints.
JUNE 2012
Daily Email Devotionals and Conversation
Each day (Monday through Friday), Pastor Jenn and
Seth write a brief daily email devotional that is sent out
via email. The scripture texts for these reflections are
based on the daily lectionary, designed to tie in to and
build upon the readings from the Sundays. If you'd like
to receive these and are not currently, please send an
email to [email protected] We also have a
conversational component for those who wish. You
can also read the devotionals at
http://aslcdevotions.blogspot.com. Here, you can also
leave comments either for the pastors or for other
members and reflect back on what we've written. Join
in the conversation and make the Bible a part of your
daily life.
Backyard Holden Evening Prayer
Did you know that we gather as a congregation on
the second Wednesday of each month for Holden
Evening Prayer? It's a great opportunity for prayer
and singing. For the three events this summer (June
13, July 11, and August 8) we will be gathering for
the same purpose, but away from the All Saints
building. We’ll gather with lawn chairs and
potluck fun. If you are willing to host one of our
dates, please talk with Pastor Seth.
Flower Sale Update
Thank you for your support of the Little Saints flower sale. We
raised over $1,700 for the future expansion of the preschool. In
addition, Thrivent Financials is providing a generous matching
gift of $400.
By the time you read this article, happy customers will have
planted over twelve thousand flowers and vegetable plants.
Over the summer, feel free to send Monika Fiedler
([email protected]) a picture of your flowers or veges –
we will display the pictures during next year’s flower sale.
A special thank you to Little Saints board members Peter
Carlson, Dawn Wurtz, Wendy Gumz, Nancy Kunz, George
Buerger, Monika Fiedler, as well as Phil Gutmann, Peggy
Hollingsworth, Scott Fiedler and Eric Fiedler for volunteering
their time. We also want to thank Cindy Parkin for facilitating the
Thrivent match.
JUNE 2012
Light from the Pastor…
Thanks from Pastor Seth
Many thanks to the entire congregation for your
support during the three years of study and
work that culminated this May in my receiving
the degree of Doctor of Ministry in Preaching.
Your questions and encouragement, as well as
your prayer, helped to carry me through this
experience. It was a great time of learning and
growth, as I got to spend 3 weeks each summer
just focusing on preaching. I learned a great
deal, was exposed to lots of different styles of
preaching, and I hope and pray you have
already experienced benefits from the
preaching. We will have a service of recognition
and celebration on Sunday, June 10 with guest
preacher Craig Satterlee, who is the director of
the program, served as my advisor, teaches
preaching at the Lutheran School of Theology
at Chicago, and is a good friend.
2. This degree doesn’t mean I’m leaving to
go teach at a college or seminary. It is
about me wanting to spend time learning
to become better at my job.
3. My thesis is entitled “Grounded in Good
News: A Method Developed.” If anyone
wants to read it, I have one bound hard
copy or can email it to you.
I want to also publicly thank those who served
as part of my Parish Project Group: this is a
group of people who met with me 7-8 times
each year, providing input to three specific
sermons for the program, reviewed the DVD of
those sermons with me, and filled out
evaluation forms. Some folks served on the
PPG for all three years and some for just one
here or there. But I thank them all. They are:
Jill Bays, Chris Bays, Sandi Bolinger, Claudia
Builta, Bill Friskics, Mike Garcia, Trina Garcia,
Karen Goodlow, Gasper Grasso, Wendy
Gumz, Doug Kuhlman, Kim Kuhlman,
Jennifer Rave, Bonnie Slaw, and Jeff Witt.
Thank you all!
To answer three questions that have popped up
more than once:
1. The official title for writing purposes,
when and if I would use it, would be
Rev. Dr. Seth Moland-Kovash. For most
purposes however, Pastor Seth still
works quite well.
JUNE 2012
Youth Updates…
National Youth Gathering
All Saints is sending 29 excited young people and 6
dedicated (and slightly crazy) chaperones to New
Orleans this July for the ELCA’s National Youth
Gathering. 35,000 high school age young people (and
chaperones) from throughout the ELCA will gather to
sing, to worship, to be inspired, and to bear witness
with the people of New Orleans to God’s hope and
promise. To get a flavor for the event, visit
Our contingent consists of:
Meghan Bartos, Amy Berggren, Kristin Berggren, Becki Bolinger, Katie
Bolinger, Riley Carlson, Megan Chernich, Patrick Fiedler, Garrett Garcia, Grayson Garcia, Jenna
Goldenne, Amy Grasso, Philip Hansen, Anna Holowicki, Alex Johnson, Danny Johnson, Samantha
Judd, Tara Kennedy, Debbie Lindstrom, Ayla Masrin, Jessica Masrin, Brittany Mata, Sam McEnery,
Michael Mohr, Emily Stearney, Zach Stebbins, Allie Tassi, Danielle Tassi, and Maggie Tuckey. The
intrepid adults will be Pastor Seth, Sandi Bolinger, Peter Carlson, Karen Goodlow, Sandy Tassi, and
Nick Tassi.
We have placed a glass jar is sitting in the Gathering Space. Drop your spare pocket change here. This
is not for fundraising to get us there, but the group wants to contribute to the mission projects. Your
spare change will be part of our contribution to meet the ELCA Gathering’s goal of building 100 wells
around the world at $2500 each.
We will have a service of blessing and sending for the group on Sunday, July 15 and they will share
some of what they learned and experienced in worship on the weekend of July 28-29.
Summer Camp 2012
The time is coming to register your kids for lots of
in dolor
summer camp
opportunities. Brochures about all
the great opportunities at Lutheran Outdoor Ministry
Center (LOMC) in Oregon, Illinois and Camp
Lutherdale in Delavan, Wisconsin are available at the
Welcome Center. You can find more at
www.lomc.org and at www.lutherdale.org.
Scholarships are available from All Saints. Please talk
with one of the pastors.
JUNE 2012
VBS is about to
take flight!
Ravinia Trip on June 23 ~
Garrison Kiellor
Are you ready for
some High Flyin’ Fun?
Imagine a beautiful June late-afternoon
picnic, surrounded by sumptuous food,
your favorite libations, close friends, a
bucolic setting and Garrison Kiellor's A
Prairie Home Companion as background
entertainment. Sounds good? Well, your
Outreach committee feels likewise. If
enough of you are similarly inclined, the
committee will make the basic
arrangements for the Ravinia concert
Saturday, June 23, 2012 at 4:45 pm
featuring A Prairie Home Companion
with Garrison Keillor a Live National
Broadcast. We estimate a ticket price of
$15 which will include the show, lawn
seating and a picnic "entree" of some
sort. We will stake out a spot on the lawn
with several tarps. Those participating
will bring something tasty to share, their
refreshments and their own lawn
chairs. We will have lots of fun.
Then mark your
calendar for SKY VBS
Monday, July 30th –
Friday, August 3 rd .
Children in PreSchool-5 th grade are
invited to join us we
soar to new heights!
We are also in need of
crew members to
help make our lift off
a success…so please
prayerfully consider
where you can help
during the week.
Volunteer forms and
VBS registration
forms can be found in
the gathering space
at church.
Please indicate your interest by replying to
this email or to Jon Gray directly at 847202-4343 or [email protected] Thanks in
advance for letting us know whether this
would interest you.
Your Outreach committee.
JUNE 2012
WANTED: All Saints Newsletter Editor
After more than 6 years of editing the newsletter, our current
editor has decided to take on a new role at All Saints and
therefore we need to find a new editor to help us communicate
with our members. This is a monthly commitment that requires
minimal knowledge of Microsoft Word - it could be done by a
team to make it easier… if you have questions, please feel free to
contact Jen at [email protected] She will provide all files
on disk to work from going forward.
To view the ELCA Prayer Ventures visit http://www.elca.org/What-We-Believe/PrayerCenter/Prayer-Ventures-2.aspx to download the version that works best for your system. Or simply
view them online.
Deadline for the next Newsletter is June 22, 2012. Please send submissions to Jen DeFranco at
[email protected]
Leaders and Staff
Youth Ministers:
Linda and Kevin Kinsella
Karen Goodlow
Troy DeFranco
Jenn Moland-Kovash
Seth Moland-Kovash
Church Council
Joe Quinn, President
Troy DeFranco, Vice President
George Buerger, Secretary
Kevin Drucker, Treasurer
Katie Fedota
Monika Fiedler
Mary Lofgren
Irene Ohlrich
Jill Rusten
Bob Schneider
Ray Winklelmann
Jeff Witt
Little Saints Christian Preschool
Michelle Gutmann, Director
Confirmation Coordinator: Jen DeFranco
Cradle Roll: Ruth Spasoff
Learning: Ruth Spasoff
Loving Hands: Nancy Oakford
Memorials: Rosemary Monsen
Ministry Endowment Fund: Tom Wischhusen
Mutual Ministry:
New Member Assimilator: Diane Szuberla
Outreach: Jon Gray
Personnel: Lydia Rohn
Prayer Chain: Rosemary Monsen, Carol Marx
Property: Jeff Fredericks, Bill Friskics
Shepherding: Jon Gray
Social Ministry: Cindy Parkin
Stephen Ministry Leader(s): Jenn Moland-Kovash
Stewardship: Dana Schmidt
Financial Support Committee: Kathy Garner
Sunday School Superintendents:
Margo Ban, Lori Quinn, Sue Carlson
Worship/Altar Guild: Janet Lowe, Janine Byrne
Financial Secretary: Peggy Hollingsworth
Church Secretaries:
Bev Laseke, Vicky Schnackel
Bookkeeper: Sara Cole
Music Director: Doug Williams
Accompanist: Karen Nedzel
Lutheran 8th
Grade Dinner
Officers Mtg
Worship 9:00 am
No Education
ELCA World
Hunger Offering
Robby Fisk
Eagle Scout
Court of
Fremd Music
Worship 5pm
Yoga – 7pm
Worship 5pm
Worship 9:00 am
No Education
Church Council
Boy Scout #335
Yoga 7pm
Holden Evening
Prayer 7pm
Flag Day
Worship 5pm
Finding Kind
5pm & 7:30pm
Worship 9:00 am
No Education
Blood Drive 8am1pm
Yoga 7pm
Breakfast 9am
Newsletter Deadline
for July
Worship 5:00pm
Staff Meeting
Yoga 7pm
Worship 9:00 am
No Education
Quilting 930am
Chapter One
Book Club 7:00
Worship 5pm

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