07/31/2014 - Long Beach Hash House Harriers


07/31/2014 - Long Beach Hash House Harriers
Hash Hotline:(562)888-0LBH(0524)
July 31, 2014
Spongey Do Me Birthday!!!
Howdy Do Me
your chicken chow mein!
Once at the on-in, there was no
where to find the beer wagon
or the munchies. But there
'were' a few bottles of Tequila
and Fireball which managed to
keep the crowd happy though.
A few minutes later, the beer
wagon, munchies, and some
shuttle vehicles arrived.
Hashers parked at the
Gaslamp, and walked over to
the Yacht Club's parking lot
next door where we enjoyed a
few refreshments, listened to
hare-lies, and prepared our
livers for what was to come.
The live A-to-Z trail ran
through residential areas, near
waterways, bridges, and
While on trail, multiple Sponge
Checks containing two, three,
or four mini bottles of flavored
vodka where found. Some
vodka flavors included were
grape, apple, watermelon, and
Sriracha - yes, Sriracha, like
the Asian hot sauce you use on
Although the hares chose to
have the on-in at a park that is
locked every night at dusk by
LBPD, the entire crowd
managed to squeeze into the
few vehicles that were already
there, and find a ride to the
new on-in which was at the
starting point.
Run #: 1625
Date: 7/24/2014
Miles: 4.22
Attendance: 78
Hares: Sponge & Howdy Do Me
Place: Yacht Club behind The Gaslamp on
New Boots: Nakee Hanks, Carlos Valbuna &
Stefan Boirt-Cansullo
Visitors: Spermlock Holmes-Dushanbe H3,
Udder Nonsense LAH3
Returners: H.R. Bufnstuf, 50 Shades Of Gay,
Brianna Hernandez, Joe Buttafuckyou, Honey
Do Me, Robert Clausing, Francisco Gonzoliz
& George Castillo
Patches: Pedafile-50
Hashit: Leaning Hard for blocking Mounds of
Joy's flash
On-On: The Gaslamp
Run Notes: AtoZ no A2B no A2A yes Water front
splish-splash by the yatchs with several
special "Sponge" beer checks
New boots: ?
Virgins: ?
Visitors: ?
Moose Knuckle
On-on took place at the Gaslamp
where we danced the night away
listening to a Sublime cover band
as well as reggae music played by
the DJ.
Fond of Dudes
Hashit was awarded to Victoria
Secretion for finding a crack pipe
on trail, and bringing it back to the
circle. Leaning hard was the
runner-up for covering Mounds of
Joy's succulent boobs and not
allowing the rest of the pack of
hounds a quick gander at the Boob
Write-ups, Pictures, Hash
Directions and other Blasphemy
9pm. Otherwise, IT WILL NOT BE
Email to:
[email protected]
Date Run #
8-14 1628
Poor Aim & Alouette
Pillsbury Blow Boy & Fishlips
Lingerie Run
Blew Dress Run
8-28 1630
Open!!! See 2 Yung 2 Du & Kowpaddy Kowboy to hare!!
Open!!! See 2 Yung 2 Du & Kowpaddy Kowboy to hare!!
Kowpaddy Kowboy
9/11 Run
Mismanagement Contacts:
Grandmasters: “Strawberry Short Dick”
“Hairy Twatter”
Hash Cash:
“Hi Speed Copulator”
“2 Yung 2 Du”
“Kowpaddy Kowboy”
THANK YOU to our Founder, Jock for his many, many
years of feeding the pack & keeping us happy!!
Run # 511
Date: 7/21/1994 (20 years ago)
Place: Garden Grove
Hare; Jock
Miles: 4.5
Attendance: 69
It was time again for JOCK’s annual barbecue. We began at East Gate Park in Garden Grove. The
scribe was anonymous (later rumored to be PCP – short for PRESSED CLING PEACHES, named
for his penchant for mooning against windows. Come on, think about it and visualize.) The theme
for the write-up was “The Annual Scottish Games Picnic Hash” and PCP commented WANKER,
HOZER, NUT ‘N HONEY, and PILE DRIVER were early favorites to be game winners. EZ
GOIN’ had been previously disqualified, but was trying to make a comeback using his patented
beer-fueled training method. JOCK sprinted off with his flour and toilet paper, and FRUIT counted
down the time. When the pack was off, SHEEP THRILLS, WALKING SMALL, WANKER, and
SKY QUEEN all headed in the opposite direction. The scribe and SNAGGLEPUSSY spotted a cop
car and were on their best behavior as we toured the better neighborhoods. Soon we hit a ball buster
of a check. It stumped everyone, even POOR AIM, for a good five minutes. Then the sound of
music (whistles and trumpets) was heard, and we headed through a parking lot and over a fence
where we came upon a bone dry, plowed field to shortcut through. It looked easy enough until we
sank knee-deep into the dust. EZ ran out to assist the harriettes over the final fence to the on-in. The
wieners, who never actually saw any part of trail were WILL WORK FOR FOOD and RUB IT
HARD. The crowd was getting ugly as the golden elixir hadn’t made it to the end, but JOCK broke
out a cooler or two of his personal stash. Soon the hamburgers and hot dogs were on the grill and
everyone was happy again. MAGIC and SOSUMI never did find the on-in. Down-downs honored
visitor DEEP THROAT from San Diego H3, and one new boot. BOYS R US, FASTLADY,
FISTS OF FURY, HAND GRIP EARS, SPIDER and IN ‘ER TOOB were returners. Several new
names were handed out, including one to Jennifer, one of the walkers, who was christened JENNY
TAIL YA. RODNEY QUEEN got the hashit for crimes too numerous to mention.
ALSO IN JULY 1994 – Run # 509 on 7/7 – Just Ramona (MOAN N’ FUCKER) is a new boot.
Thursday August 7, 2014, 6:30pm
Dicky Leaks Run for Fun!
Run #: 1627
Hares: Dicky Leaks
Start: 2701 Andreo Ave, Torrance, CA 90501
Cost: $5
Cum one, cum all as DickyLeaks hares his first Long Beach hash in two beers. This trail will be dog and stroller friendly and you'll only need
flashlights if you plan to spend the hash exploring places where the sun don't shine.
Run start is at the intersextion of Andreo Ave. and Santa Fe Ave near Plaza Del Amo is just south of Torrance Park. this is an A to B run, so
bring a bag if you don't run with your vessel or you need a sweater to survive a circle on a frigid August night in CA.
If DickyLeaks gets off of work early enough there may be a Turkey/Eagle split. Anyone taking the Eagle should familiarize themselves with
the right-of-way rules for running near train tracks (hint- tonnage rules) and not be scared of small fences.

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