26th September 19


26th September 19
Sss&iardmgj put ffrrt w i t h hi&? parrslspert.
Xn a fewxpinut@shs
explained t o sirs tBs% %hemwas diff'iaultyj
the s f f i ~ S a 1hsB. t m a d
In hlis book as order prohibiting Zhab paissags of L ~ g t a eofftcialg
anybor31$ caanarc%ed,d t h the League.
The f o l l o ia
~ a bare arasm%~
of what folXcmuad
J report+&
s f e w drays later t o tha S u p s d a o r y Comittaer
V h s Leegur garty oon~fstsda f Laster, Saoklia, Bbalsr, 8aBiSnr
( ~ o r t u y a s e )and one 2aglish m d one Preach stanogrrphar.
aoeoapanisd by Guerrarop Yseaidant of Court, and were fo piak
Ou+ss+ro bil dgploraabtSrcr visa frm Spanish Yiniafar who hatd
r s f i a e d diplornatis vlls% *Q Lastar, althsugh Xrttmr oarrim4 dfpXomaP;3ro
Spanish Consurf in Oanava gave oca$nsry visas for aZl.
Yoxt~cdaseS.inisfars gave B i p L t x m t i ~v i a a s f o r rlT.
QP arrival at Le Partbur, Dusrrero and Eesfsr first eaterat&
Spanf sb froaf f er sff'ior where QfPiaer-Ln-ubrge
inrtructiorrar about beape yaopla,
segd he b d ssrta
In hfs book be turned up aa
inlrtruation which he mid arrra dated 13th of August and forbade the
s n t q of any Leb%meo f f i c i a l or any oat8 aomsaterS w2th Lhs Esam+r
Oa thfs ground be refuasd t o allow the League o f f i a i a l s t o pass h$
thought there would be no d i f f f e u l t y about Suabsrerol
SundsLy, 3#.lra.
T h i 8 mar
%Ilsringpsotest, frontier a f f i o i a l a p e e d r e f * r
xiattar t a Governor,
Cavcr~or'a 8tcraltary thought there wou1d be ao
diffiaulty about Cuarrem, but Governor could not be fbuadl;
aot mtiX MYIOIP&J t k f C O V ~ ~ Q F C* ISD Z L ~ ~ ~ P D B~ ~u~. rQ iLwL d .
it ra8
fhea spaka yereanrmPly protesting agraiast deaf e i o a and urging refrsxen~*
Oovsmor und-esto~kt o do so arad promised reply before
t o Madrid.
f o r e p l y u ~ s%ill N t s d a y r f 11 a.m.
tha maant%am, Lsstrr parmuadad Ouemrsrs
through but wished t o remain with party
r h o thought ha oou1d get
that he sbsu;ld go alone
narqAng a far .rrbtrl2 g%y@rn
For the lwtinia;.
rant3 Tuesday 3aorning r f t a r fi-l
rmi&dPJr on
He etgreed reLurztan4lly
daaisfon, apgl5ad for his owa entry.
W e t b r the sntfrs party sst o f f for Geneva.
@I Monday Irster. sent telegram t o Phalrn warning him of d i f f t rrtdtiars m d urging lrim Zo do all posrriblab that ~ a s a f g n garhouZd be held.
alao to& prooapI retion f o S a r l l i t r b %bs amating f%nancially.
On 'Puss&).
aorning the l l o r r e g i r n Legation (Vichy)
piaslead over frontier rad Lsster gave Bbrg a p l p r f o r P h b l ~%&(3oxp0~8t
S~armtary-Genera3 s pro@oaala t o Castmimion far aggroverl. )
paateed h a t i e r Su&ay sftarnoon- olertensibl;p on boPf b y
rrewar yet o f Costa
"Lsater hrsd anticipatad deleya and possibly indtgnity buf no f l a t
He waited pafiantly at frontier until the goint requests
Cuerssro and Lestar had been gushed t o ultimate point an& fSxzm3, refieaz
uorraaflj and ur&srarlim%he war rebuked baosuse hs had @vma defaiZr
&er of h i a
QNS.IP~ be-g
t ~ l dbe s b u l d merely have refbse&antry
1p8thmt e~li~2anafiorr.~
l a kiaksd o m heels for 48 hour6 l i k e s batch of ~ePugeesr a I
detemined t o ee3cerciss paSianoa and t o push the yrofsst t o t h
lhit, aeoepting Sn aeblmosd m y ~ i r a m a t ~ & nthe
c e passage sas aur
so i m p a r t ~ t .
both the Spaenish M&
We ha& tiara t o msge the aogucS9taaas OS
affir;iala$ %be latter, although ns hsd
alxarsq offiufa3ly left
allowed urs t o ga b a ~ kr few
hundTed yards t o l i v e i n a ~omewbarrt;dirty l i t t l e im in the villrga,
'IAihsn we got there about 8 o*clocsk and asked f o r r9Zntn~r~the queslfioa
of bmlad osrdrs
n 8
rania~dbut a rrxightly inebriz~&ed
French [email protected]
r&i%rsee saying tkrsrf Be had re%fed for f i v e &yrs for his visas t o be
crheekad and
o f f thm next ~ a o r n i a ~ r We sera quite grate-
arora than grora;sf%l Per the food which fol2ored,
The mealer during ear
2 5 m in 9R.Snee was* beompasarbly poorer than Qae usuallp expaatadt
thsp rere Suet barely rds~uafrj even fn as good rrss-tauraaf or tro
share n etappsdl. ua Lha journey, the hors-dvoreuvre, f o r cz&a4gZm,
usually es re11 dona, consisfed of some choppsa beet and tamaCoei~;
these were a164 of
restriation8 0n quantStie8 and the number af
even a
&ishe@, In the 3btZla v5ll~geof Le Eerthu~thexe r a ~
difficul%y about frui4; h a P f tha street was in Syrafn aad erpp&mu!i%Zy
usually aupglirsd the fruit, but an bnbargo ha& bean plaaed aa t h f s
trade %ha,pr-ccrioua weak,
Bot once dSd re get any milk or magar, OF
even bread far Brukkfiast an& only ones d w f n g the f2ve Bdiys abacarncre
d3.6 X eea a
pat of butter# bssa%rfasrt uamlly crsnpiieted o f
wrrrwcaetsned and uxaailked @offeewithout bread*
'She aaait9Jrgr a ~ r
mentn Sn the hot41 left aonethfng t o be desired.
Sur3.q aus watch on the frontiar, nobody yaeraarf but a few
Balm rend hi8 nsfe bu* ha hear4 %here waia t ~ ~ u b land
a earsfcnSly
av;oi&ad any rsaaoiation 8)i~yiaghe .aruuXd wait for us ia 23amsXoru.
018 Presf&uat Guarrero aate8 fhxoughowt wPSh tha m a t esos2ls]1ltf;
in ~ u c hcircumm.tmoas.
one tias however, he did begia t, l o m ~
patience w b z a the Govarmar we saugbt a o U d net Bie fouacl and rapliea
promiaad did acrt osrrrr
'Tltou people
- he
havs tmdm
t o aatabliah ardsr i n yanr ciorrntrp sad ilt aa*nr to as p u have mrea
diaordarr %hraP ever rsu had.$
The DfsfAcst Commfsbsionar and fronfiar
oifioara volubly yrotested seying that the order SIsfdas thea ~ o u n t r y
waa nrs~piffloaat.
%M, myra old &eaf deernf, order bagSsr at; thar
033 oxne
of the oeeasf~nswhen they mesa exaaining ay Irish
dfplonatie pasaport with ourioeity, one of thea rctmrke8 mats
a1 friend af Spain
Oh yes, she seat volunteers t o f f e t for us
order isaued (on tha b y that Phelsn'~p u t 7 got throzygh)
"aapaPdriJI+~*and a mwslvsr in the b e l t wjith r
-kind o f ~ i f ~ m *
loose-fitting .h.bby
aaafher ooc~arsfona
diplomatis arr drove
s mmi get
out and went t;hsougtir the passpart faramlftfrr h o~batst tm saPautes an4
an he war getting Sn
am-:, be
suddsnly recroggiscrd ~ u PGQSJ.
I a U I e d UP t o the bt.1 orr. of the ~ i t a ~ o a u
, in th.
&inL%ag a bottle aE wafer (even I 2 n a n l atam w a n scrraa urb
orsnge or leaon jpioa
minutcrar he syokt,
v in
I f e l t that a mtbr
at the nmx* Mb3.e was eyehg me ~22doftar a feu
good-looking -EL
Isft G
available m y )
Re .turned out t o be OF half Jrar%shblood m4 hrd
833 sshhlfsh%ngh h m l f i a Bell@wn where be
manages f o r a facotory,
Wi%hout; tsrlliq h5m ~ny%hfngrbeut my
,NeEl'lsn with whom he had basina%s relation8 in r%sttirrg
up a b-h
affair oonpars4 with h i s ather'psolspimta at
f he
3a nas
travelling on s apsrriaP rerf'ug~sparsnport issued by tb6 Belgiaa Qo-v
men* and t o 1 4 a8 h. hrd a l t i t n d the &die o f his b i r t h as men a n b t 443
rare aut srl3awed t o 1eave P r a m .
Be had 2ria d m a a fer S i p a b urd
interamant camp an& thought ha w o a d be shot if he fell %#to
HPe Spani~hon8 Ysrhaparss: vim@r e r e a$prwchigp;
Be n r go*
t o try Borne msthoa o f
8 ~ g i ~
he hoped t o
r B r i t i a L e e t i o n ar Conatlra%arbars he oauld offer U e ~erv&ema
rs, he sraiQo
I maoff.
Z19b%erthat eranfag3 was agoin bsckr2f;h
Cusrrero at the Spaair~hfrsatier post whara do= the hill-S%& WWNB
three Spanish sol8Aass he raj.^ faur civ3.Xianar
%hey were a bigaif%cd
Yolisih Jew ai about TO1 bearded and rww?hg a iroek-croat and hi8
i8quar'lZy aged dfsr m&a c U l d o f abaut 8 years rof age$
ropurintance of the caf&.
behSnd came ay
Be oaqgbt my eye but gave au
They wsm hustle4 iaZe the frontier office ea4 Guerram
strolle4 kn t o o b ~ + r ~ rlPbd aoldiibret reported
ha thecbfr f a m r
that they bad giocm tha~seXveaug barving crossed thQ Prontier cUnQbr-
tinely some t w o stiles bsok.
Z b
Some oro~~-eutmina'kion
o f f i c i a l reyortsd to hie Sanfor Offfuer br talephone.
n n a d (these e f f i e i s l s had a l m o s t become o l d iricadsl) and witid
these poor creatures rare only flying to colas safety and f f bar ouuZ.d
Tat them through it would ba a good act, or sonetbPng l i k e that.
Eventually, the two o l d yeagle and the u h i l d were relsrseii our4 th+
last Z aaw of then wars msrchSng down tha main road i n t o Spainr afaat,
but mother stage ~OWOTBB
Then cams the case of the German Jew.
It, l o f t an ~pratsrsfonon my mhQ,
He had, it is true, a~terabd
the dste on the gassport, but aould o a l y do so t o the extent of
his 39 years aad 9 months, insttsad af h f a real age of 35, but he h6
t o be r s J s ~ t s & ,beuihbuse he r a a still under 40.
Again Outrrers
renad and they agreed t o put him Wek aacretly over the frontfrr mdt
not gut kfra i n t o the hands of ths,uatchful Pranoh gsndarsfpea at kh+
A dolighthil human touch in spit. o f i l l
rhea the
Spanish & ~ s c i s %o f f i o i o l asksd the President of the InternutforuS.
Court to keep the French gbncUrme engaged in coneultrtion at an
where he could not see the Baan b l a g brouQght o u t of the 'Spanish offsaa.
This ras done and the refuges dissyyeared t o be h e l d somewhere wti2
night f e l l .
On anothes oocaaion Guersera*~p o d haart helped r Belgf&n
refugee, his w i f e and a c h i l d .
They ware telling him the history of
their flight, havfng lost t h e i r car +n route, and s a i d their destim-
tion was to be Tfrugwrp.
Guerrero advised ther t o see the XinisCsr
at Li~boawho war r f r i e n d of bin, whereupon the enCaryrisSgg; Z r d y
askad for a letter of intraductiong
off the hacld%ngof
the Spansah p b l r n g i ~ ttore
pieae of gaper and the P~slaidento f the Court
wrote an Pntroduction f o r
family he had never aersn b s f s s a ,
Aa we were walk%= Back from the frontier whea .the F i n n 1 mfi-l
t o l e t any one through was seoeiveb, we n o t i ~ e dthssa
befora the Prench Cuetoms Offfcs and r e ~ o p S s s 8fhm BorregfuL Iregatiua
an route for Lisbon after being kfaka8 out of Vichy a t tha
Wi%h them was Berg, Co\ursellor of the Legation sad fosatsrz$
r Lesgrre o f f i c i a l *
One o f owr Snmsdiata problems was t o get a fan
quits iaoffaalarivrr but d t n l l y Zzaportatnt do.czumeafs through f ~ r
X amk~6.&srg i f he would gut somataing in h i s poekrt for
drat* report*
3 oong;raleuZr.t;admyself on
bYf o f quiok area urisllbful
me news of the attack by free &reach and Britieh f o w e s ua
had just orrSve8 arrd J a u k l i a anticfpated t h i a aright lead %er ser_iatls
oonaegusneas a t Zhs f'rbntiess far belligemats, so, although Z thought
th%s aoiuerhat wslikeZy, Z Look ad-ntb~ge OS a private oar belonging
t o the ~aasaageacy a a the bus whieb
without atoppfng.
He travePlad
rerpiegnsn at nearly 2 p.a.,
returning ddract t o Geneva
f a e t t b t , although he 2 e f t
ha wra in Annesasse at nidnlght and s a o w d
from the Frentsh and the Swfaa the possibility of paaerisg the, frontier
after i t was c l o s e d .
bactk s e b t s l y , our bus d o t t a r e d along
a% a good 70 MS,an hour an the long straight TO&&@ and %as p i t e of
a eabrtafa m o u n t of shaking and an o c c s ~ S o ~w 1h i f f of aro~sout, i t aaa
not too uapXsabi%%~t;.Uer Ianchrsd in P ~ r p S g w aand dine$ in brignon,
where we took the oyportuai0;y of rargsrdiag the famsus "Pant B*AvS$pc)a~
ail that L-@pegsakzrlace,
at Valenes far the usual five or
hours, notoblrr as the apot where I s a w e pat of butter,
After our orrival we haord t h a L there
jubPlrtion at LQ
kelou+, r e iadeed war only just and @roger4
By the way, en rout;s S mu trro
asked t o aarry t o W b a o BD& Kin&.
Jaoklfn hard been
The oae to H a ~ b r aroe ~ I s w r X y
restssinard and dignifiibd &a tone and srsmtionsd the intantioa o f Avaszbl
t o IMLV~
prepa~eamm, u s e f u l reports, but t b ? rrae n o r h p o s s i b % eo
t o the encloe%dl e t t e r .
The sna3oaura war@ a aopy of a letter f W
J ,was gregareb t o agree to h f a mm*@*,
t~ A Y ~ ~ Otolling
him that
that furfhem~rb)the t w o g r l m t a ecearetsriicsa oosting 20,000 r yssr r b
had bilsaa plcseebd at hia, diapmal, erhoull;r-%
also report for 8uty0ar@a9ltn ilrr
tbs Seoretariaf on fhs s m s b t u , P f that ware agreeable to him.
xe~ceio9ngthPa Zatfsr ~oae~ntusicatiors,
by the =g,
Avenal had tcb%sphoasd
t a Jctcklirr sputterbg with fury that he was dcriag the fnoat importlsnt
work off hfrs l i f e , that hs muPd b6 engaged on it until %he erid crf
lovembsr, and t b t he nras being treated I f k e a Member o f Section.
refused Jaraklin'a mg&carstiun that be might tell ma aorarrrthiag about f t
and threatened t o brSag the matter t o the Supsstrfso~yCommiseion,
1 had the& remarkad %o Ja~klinthat 1 would be greatly relieved if X
were treated by kin as ~omsthiagse important a# a Member of Section
and that while 2: had hopad not to have t o make aqy report on ArenoX
t o fhs Su;ierviso~yCornittee, if he r i i s a d the mrttir,
myself for half-an-hour,
r o u l d indug.
The other letter to Kiech m s written by
1 think the mason muat haye been that h~ b r a d not Set him
private Secretsry
In it he
said hs wished only
to ssrpreers
heartfelt &nil$rofolllld admiration f a r %hep 1 2 s a t fight the 3ritSPsh
were pnttiag yp;
they were fZgbtirrg not on3y f o r theaarctlvea, but fur
a l l 09 ua in the worlldt
1 have, often bean musea%ab by Avsno2 i n
rescent xaon.t;kar, but thie mar the lfmitg
5?t reflected, 1 mgposa, thr,
reaction oa him of the: contiauatj. British defence, but he a1s0 d i ~ e l o ~ a
t o J a c k l b mother rczsrson, by roscd of rnoutha he told him hat hope&
be rnsdt the go-between fox the lkwnch and B r i t i s h g o ~ r ~ e n t Ibaa
e ~
JacklSn t o l d me thle, Z laughed, mying that neither one nor the
other woulh touch bPnt
than that in LOP&OZ&.
Atreno1 aaa naboQ in &&noe
an4 en lot less
lie car%ainly ia an PncredibZe creature*
frbllorin(3 is for y o u r uae rrS Suyosv3sory Commission
ha& iatended di~cuasingd t h the Comrniasfon the sftwltf~lhlrof t h ~
at in 3wit~errlosut3, %he po r ~ s i b i l iite s of vcrk on& 3 r r ~ v S ~ d l