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Saint Paschal Baylon Parish
Saint Paschal Baylon Parish
155 E. Janss Road, Thousand Oaks California 91360
P: (805) 496 0222 F: (805) 379 2506
Sunday March 15th 2015
Eucharistic Liturgies
Sundays: 7:30AM, 9:00AM, 10:45AM, 12:30PM (Spanish), 5:30PM
Monday—Friday: 6:30AM, 8:15AM
Saturday: 8:15AM 5:30PM, (Vigil) 7:00PM (Spanish)
Holy Days: 6:30AM, 8:15AM, 12noon, 5:30PM, 7:00PM (Spanish)
Parish Office Hours
Monday—Friday: 9:00AM—9:00PM
Saturdays: 9:00AM—5:00PM
Sundays: 9:00AM—12:30PM
Adoration Chapel
6:00AM—10:00PM (Open to all)
10:00PM—6:00AM (Code required)
Saturdays: 3:30PM—5:00 PM
Marriage: Arrangements made at Parish OfEnglish Baptisms: 1st Sunday of the month
Spanish Baptisms: 2nd Sunday of the month
“You shattered my darkness
Washed away my blindness
Now I’m breathing in and breathing out
I’m alive again”
Matt Maher
Alive Again
Who is Matt Maher?
See Page 6 For More Information.
Fr. Michael Rocha, Pastor
805-496-0222 Ext: 103
[email protected]
Fr. Marc Angelo, Associate Pastor
805-496-0222 Ext: 125
[email protected]
Fr. Toribio Gutierrez, C.M. Associate Pastor
805-496-0222 Ext: 170
[email protected]
Fr. Joseph M. Scerbo, S.A., Ph.D.
805-496-0222 Ext: 106
[email protected]
Senior Deacon Jim Robinson
805-496-022 Ext: 123
[email protected]
Deacon Mitch Ito
805-496-0222 Ext: 122
[email protected]
Deacon Guillermo Rodriguez
805-496-0222 Ext: 133
[email protected]
Deacon Dave Lawrence
805-496-0222 Ext: 134
In today’s Gospel Jesus calls up the memories of
Moses. He refers to the time when it was believed
that snakes were doing God’s will by biting Israelites. To remedy the situation, God told Moses to
fashion a bronze serpent and hold it up; God then
saved the life of all who looked upon it. The symbolism of this drama demonstrated that just as Moses
could fashion a model snake, so God the Creator
could control death and life. The story also intimates that people can face what they most fear and
not be overcome if they believe in God’s life-giving
We are not far off from Good Friday. On that day,
Jesus, the Son of Man, will be lifted up. But now,
unlike in the time of Moses, the action of the people
is not just to see and be cured, but to believe. The
result will not be a return to health, but a movement to eternal life.
In this fourth week of Lent, we are invited to remember that salvation is more than a theory, and it
often has nothing to do with physical safety. We are
saved by the great love of God, manifest in the one
lifted up to show the way to eternal life. Those who
believe are God’s handiwork, sharing his life and
continuing his works.
In one of Charles Schultz’ “Peanuts” cartoons,
Snoopy is sitting on the roof of his doghouse, typing
a letter that says: “Dear God, I just want to say I love
you.” In another strip, Peppermint Patty is telling
Snoopy her troubles. She laments the horrible week
she has just endured and asks him, “What do you do
when everything goes wrong?” Snoopy’s response is
to give Patty a big kiss on her cheek. “That’s good
advice,” Patty says.
Snoopy reminds us that love is always the best
answer for us to give and the one to receive. Best of
all, the one who loves us most is God. Jesus loves us
incredibly and that is why he was willing to be lifted
up on Good Friday.
A few weeks ago many of you once again gave
the gift of life during our most recent Blood Drive.
Again, under the enthusiastic coordination of Gene
Nestor, our community showed that they cared.
Thank you Gene and thank you St. Paschal community for your contributions.
I have attended the Friday Fish Fry’s over these
last few weeks. It is so good to see so many parishioners coming together. But even almost more impressive are the number of volunteers - young and
older - coming together to help to serve our community and to serve in the community. Under the
sponsorship of the St. Paschal Men’s Club we are
celebrating our parish family during this annual Lenten experience. Thank you Men’s Club and all the
great volunteers for your outstanding service.
Just a reminder that on Tuesday, March 24th at
7:00pm. we will be celebrating our Lenten Penance
Service. Several priests will be coming to help our
community better prepare for Easter by hearing
confessions. Please take advantage of this opportunity, when extra priests will be here, to celebrate
this very important sacrament. If it has been awhile,
or a long time, do not be afraid. If you feel a longing
in your heart it is probably Jesus inviting you to
come and be reconciled. All are welcome.
May this Lenten time of grace fill you all with
hope and God’s all-embracing and forgiving love.
Father Michael Rocha
En el evangelio de hoy, Jesús nos recuerda el
tiempo de Moisés y menciona aquella vez cuando se
pensaba que las serpientes hacían la voluntad de Dios al
morder a los Israelitas. Para remediar la situación Dios
mandó a Moisés a hacer una serpiente de bronce y
levantarla; Dios entonces le salvó la vida a todos aquellos
que al ser mordidos miraban la serpiente. El simbolismo
de este drama demostró que al alzar Moisés la culebra
Dios demuestra su poder sobre la vida y la muerte. El
cuento también indica que la gente debe enfrentar sus
miedos sin dejarse controlar por ellos, siempre y cuando
crean en el poder salvador de Dios.
No estamos tan lejos del viernes santo, en aquel
día, el hijo del hombre será levantado también. Pero
ahora, a diferencia del tiempo de Moisés, la acción de la
gente no es observar la culebra y ser sanos, sino creer. El
resultado no es sanar de nuevo sus cuerpos, sino que es
un movimiento hacia la salvación eterna.
En este cuarto domingo de cuaresma, estamos
llamados a recordar que la salvación es más que una
teoría y que a menudo no tiene nada que ver con la
salvación física. Somos salvos por medio de la Gracia de
Dios, manifestada por aquel que fue levantado, como
camino hacia la vida eterna. Aquellos que creen son la
obra de Dios, compartiendo su vida y su obra.
En una de los caricaturas de Charles Schultz,
Snoopy está sentado en el techo de su casa de perro,
escribiendo una carta que dice “Querido Dios, solo quiero
decirte que te amo.” En otra Peppermint Patty le cuenta a
Snoopy sus problemas y se lamenta de la semana terrible
que ha tenido. ¿Qué una hace cuando las cosas te salen
mal? La respuesta de Snoopy es darle un gran beso en la
mejilla y Patty le dice, ese es tremendo consejo.
Snoopy nos recuerda que el amor es la mejor
respuesta para dar y recibir. Lo mejor de todo es aquel
que nos ama más, Dios. Jesús nos ama increíblemente y
por eso está dispuesto a que lo alcen en la cruz el viernes
Varias semanas atrás, ustedes dieron el regalo de
amor al donar sangre, bajo la coordinación de Gene
Néstor, nuestra comunidad mostró que se interesa por
esas cosas. Gracias a Gene y gracias a nuestra comunidad
por contribuir.
En las pasadas semanas he participado del
Pescado Frito los viernes, me alegra ver a tantos
parroquianos compartiendo juntos, pero aún más
impresionante es el número de voluntarios, jóvenes y
adultos, unidos para ayudar a la comunidad y servir a la
comunidad. Bajo el patrocinio del grupo de hombres de la
parroquia estamos celebrando la cuaresma juntos. Gracias
al grupo de hombres y sus voluntarios y por su labor
Quiero recordarles que el martes marzo 24, a las
7:00 pm tendremos nuestro servicio penitencial, varios
sacerdotes vienen para ayudar a que nuestra comunidad
se prepare para la pascua. Aprovéchese de esta
oportunidad al tener extra sacerdotes para tan
importante sacramento. Si tiene un gran deseo en su
corazón es probablemente que Jesús lo está invitando a
que venga a reconciliarse con él. Todos son bienvenidos.
¡Qué este tiempo cuaresmal de gracia los llene de
esperanza y del amor incondicional que lo perdona todo.
Padre Michael Rocha
Parish Phone Directory
Weekly Mass Intentions
Pastoral Center: 805-496-0222
Week of: Sunday March 15th 2015
Ext: 102
Marsha Blanton
[email protected]
Business Manager
Ext: 104
JoAnn Zullo
[email protected]
Youth Outreach & Bulletin Editor
Ext: 169
Robert Batch
[email protected]
Director of Music Ministry
Ext: 111
Kevin Stoller
[email protected]
Hispanic Ministry
Irma Diaz
[email protected]
Ext: 0
Jazmir Fajardo
[email protected]
Religious Education
Ext: 115
Kathleen Brown
[email protected]
St. Vincent de Paul Society
Ext: 109
School Principal
Suzanne Duffy
[email protected]
The University Series
Ext: 119
Bob Jordan
[email protected]
Altar Server Schedule
(Bold = MC)
Richard Thorsen (D)
Jo Beth Ginther (D)
JoAnn Silva (D)
Jesus Cervantes (D)
The Qualizza Family (D)
John Hoydic (D)
Glen M. Gomez (L)
Kathryn K. Gomez (L)
Vincent Tunzi, Sr. (D)
William Morales (D)
Carmen M. Gomez (L)
Elsie Marie Duleba (D)
Loretta Gibson (D)
Ellen Urick (D)
For the peaceful repose of the soul
Of SPBS Mom, Cristen Calfo (D)
Barbara Silva (D)
Living and Deceased Members of ICF.
Marta Murphy (D)
Richard and Nanette Sorg (D)
Mark Tortorici (D)
10:45 Angela Karunaratne (D)
12:30 Ricardo Mejia (L)
Joseph Garzon (D)
Prayer Intentions
Joan Rathbun; Kathy Clark
Repose of The Soul
Harold Rinebold; Shirley Paris; Anna Nerguizian;
Martha Brown; Vincent Lynn
Wedding Anniversaries
Jim and Darlene Salas: 15 Years TODAY!
SPBC Youth Outreach
5:30PM Mass: 7PM Session in Hall:
Parents Encouraged to Attend!
Religious Education
For students making their First Communion it is
essential to attend Mass. Also, be sure to check
your child’s Religious Education bag for homework
and Information being sent home.
Religious Education Class ATTENDANCE
Call: Parish Office 496-0222 x O
For Questions Call: (805) 496-0222 – Judy (RE Secretary
@ x114 or Kathleen Brown, DRE @ x115
Rite of Christian Initiation
Have you ever wanted to know more about the Catholic
Faith? Join us to discover more about it, or to begin
your journey into the Catholic Church.
ALL are welcome!
Monday evenings—7:15—9:00 PM
Church Community Room
Contact: Cathie Lawrence: 805-368-3384
OR Jazmir Fajardo: 818-857-6204
Women’s Study
CATHOLICISM: A Video Series by Fr. Robert Barron
Wednesdays: Church Community Room: 9:00—11:00 AM
Contact: Mary Kate Marini: [email protected]
That Man Is You!
A 26 week leadership program for men
Lenten Fish Fry
Come join the SPB Men’s Club for their
Lenten Fish Fry on Fridays in the SPB Hall.
Great Food, Beverages, and Parish Life!
All Men are invited. Come join us for our Lenten
Journey, Wednesdays at 6Am in the hall Breakfast
will be served. Bring a friend!
Dan Fisher (805)493-0230 Pete Fowler (805)402-7962.
Together In Mission
2015 Together In Mission
Commitment Goal: $123,900.00
If you haven’t already mailed in your pledge please fill it
out and return it as soon as possible. There are blank
pledge forms in the back of the church.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact
the parish office. 805-496-0222 Ext: 104
Consultation of The Faithful
Tickets for the Italian Catholic Federation's 29th Annual St. Joseph's Day Italian Dinner on Sunday, March 22nd are on sale
now. Come join us for this wonderful family event with great food
and live entertainment, prize drawings and more. Tickets, pricing and more information are available by visiting the ICF's table
after Mass, visiting our web site at, or calling Cathie at 805-368-3384. (Read about this event online in a
Ventura County Star article highlighting our 25th year at http://, and see video highlights on YouTube at
The ICF is accepting baked good donations (cookies, cakes, pies,
cupcakes, and more) for the St Joseph's Day bake sale being held
in the parish hall the morning of Sunday, March 22nd. If you
would like to donate items, we will happily accept them that
morning, but prefer that you bring them to the parish hall the day
before (Saturday, March 21st) between the hours of 12pm - 5pm
when we will be setting up for the event. Thank you!
In preparation for the Synod of Bishops to be held in October
4–25, 2015 on “The Vocation and Mission of the Family in the
Church and Contemporary World,” the Vatican has asked the
world’s bishops for a “broad consultation.” The survey can
be accessed at:
Bulletin Submission Deadline is Wednesday prior to the Sunday
Bulletin. Please send all submissions to [email protected]
Adorers Needed!
Sign up for time with our Lord in the Adoration Chapel.
Sunday: 3am, 2pm
Monday: 12am, 2am, 5pm
Wednesday: 3am
Saturday: 12am, 5pm, 9pm
Contact: Dan & Linda Gregoire:
[email protected]
Thursday Morning Bible Study
Little Rock Scripture Study:
“St. Paul’s First Letter to the
Contact: Barbara Durand:
[email protected]
(805) 497 1370
Tuesday Evening Bible Study
Did You Know?
It is safe to keep your child’s personal information personal
If your children give out personal information
over the Internet, not only is it easy to track, it is
tough to completely remove. Emphasize to them
how important it is that they keep personal information private. Make sure that they have a
strong username and password that does not
reveal anything personal. Encourage them not to
give out their e-mail address, if they have one. If
your children tell you that they have given out
personal information online, contact your Internet Service Provider or the site where the information is posted to see what you can do to have
it removed. For more information, visit:
Featuring Grammy Nominated
Catholic Musician:
& International Catholic Speaker PAUL J KIM
Will Resume on April 7th (After The University Series)
John's Gospel using Little Rock Scripture Study
Contact: Roland Chabot
[email protected]
805 495 5819
Passion Play
Fr. Marc and Fr. Toribio invite the Spanish speaking community
to participate in the Passion Play to be held on Good Friday.
Rehearsals will take place every Sunday after the 12:30 pm Mass
in the hall.
June 20th 2015 : LaReina High School
Buy YOUR Tickets ONLINE!
Not familiar with Matt Maher or Paul J Kim?
Contact Robert Batch for more information:
805-496-0222 Ext 169
Bulletin Submission Deadline is Wednesday prior to the Sunday
Bulletin. Please send all submissions to [email protected]
Lent 2015
Abstinence on all the Fridays of Lent, and on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday.
No meat may be eaten on days of abstinence (Chicken is meat). Catholics 14 years and older
are bound to abstain from meat. The seriously ill, pregnant and nursing mothers, are exempt.
2) Fast on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday.
Fasting means having only one full meal to maintain one's strength. Two smaller, meatless and
penitential meals are permitted according to one's needs, but they should not together equal
the one full meal. Eating solid foods between meals is not permitted.
Catholics from age 18 through age 59 are bound to fast. Again, the seriously ill, pregnant and nursing mothers, are exempt.
When in doubt regarding the practice of fasting and abstinence, because of a health condition, it is
best to consult your physician.
Stations of the Cross
Stations will be held every Friday during Lent in the Church.
6:00PM: English
7:00PM: Spanish
Parish Penance Service Schedule
March 16th:
March 18th:
March 23rd:
March 24th:
March 24th:
March 25th:
March 26th:
Holy Cross
Saint Julies
Padre Serra
Saint Paschal Baylon
Saint Maximilian Kolbe
Saint Peter Claver
Saint Mary Magdalene
Newbury Park
Thousand Oaks
Westlake Village
Simi Valley
All Services Begin At
7:00 PM
Weekly Scripture Readings
Monday: IS 65: 17-21; PS 30:2 & 4,5-6, 11-12A& 13B; JN 4:43-54
Tuesday: EZ 47: 1-9, 12; PS 46: 2-3, 5-6, 8-9; JN 5: 1-16
Wednesday: IS 49:8-15; PS 145: 8-9, 13CD-14, 17-18; JN 5:17-30
Thursday: 2 SM 7:4—5A, 12-14A, 16; PS 89: 2-3, 4-5, 27 &29; ROM 4:13, 16-18, 22; MT 1:16, 18-21, 24A
Friday: WIS 1:1A, 12-22; PS 34:17-18, 19-20, 21&23; JN 7:1-2, 10, 25-30
Saturday: JER 11: 18-20; PS 7:2-3, 9BC-10, 11-12; JN 7:40-53
Sunday: EZ 37: 12-14; PS 130: 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8; ROM 8:8-11; JN 11:1-45
“May the Lord of peace give us peace all the time and in every way.
The Lord be with us” - 2 Thessalonians 3:16
Sábados a las 7:00pm
Domingo a las 12:30pm
Sábado de 3:30 a 5:00pm
Viernes: de 15 años en adelante
7:30pm en el Salón Multiusos
Lunes y Viernes 7:00pm
Salón de Música
Sábados de 10 a 11:30 A.M.
Si creemos en el inmenso amor del Padre. ¿por qué
Dios nos parece tan lejano? ¿Por qué nos parecen tan
abstractas las verdades de nuestra fe? Dios es generoso
en amor, pero nos llama a corresponderle ese amor
renunciando al pecado y poniéndonos bajo el resplandor de su luz. Nuestro peor enemigo es el pecado en el
mundo y también en nuestro corazón. Nadie que disfrute de la oscuridad busca la luz, pero si renunciamos
al pecado y nos acercamos a Cristo, él disipa las tinieblas y nos resucita a la vida eterna. El segundo impedimento más grande para conocer la plenitud del amor
de Dios es el desconocimiento de su amor y de las verdades de nuestra salvación. ¿Cuándo dirías que Cristo
se ha hecho presente en tu vida?
En la escuela Ext. 116
Registrarse con 6 meses de anticipación.
Hacer cita con algunos de los sacerdotes
Llamar al 496-0222 Ext. 116 &117
PRIMERA LECTURA: Jeremías 31,31-34
SEGUNDA LECTURA: Hebreos 5,7-9
EVANGELIO Juan 12, 20-33
Registrarse con 6 meses de anticipación
La Constitución sobre la Iglesia en el mundo actual
(Gaudium et Spes, 58) al referirse a las múltiples conexiones de Jesucristo con la cultura, afirma: “La buena
¿ Con qué podríamos comparar el amor de Dios? Cuan- nueva de Cristo renueva constantemente la vida y la
do Dios reveló a Moisés, se
cultura del hombre caído, combate y elimina los errores
y males que provienen de la seducción permanente del
Identificó como: ¡ Yo soy el señor, el Señor Dios, com- pecado. Purifica y eleva constantemente la moral de los
pasivo y clemente, paciente, misericordioso y fiel ¡
pueblos “. Busquemos y encontremos esas conexiones.
( Éxodo 34,6-7). ¿Quién podría comprender semejante
¿ Hay algo en la tierra o en el cielo que se le parezca.
Tan potente es el amor de Dios que el pecado y la
iniquidad no lo resisten. Así también nosotros, si negamos o rechazamos la fuerza de este amor, corremos el
peligro de separarnos de él y sufrir la muerte física y
espiritual. El amor de Dios es más poderoso que la
muerte misma, porque “Dios es tan misericordioso y
nos amó tanto, que nos dio la vida juntamente con
Cristo cuando estábamos muertos a causa de nuestros
pecados” ( Efesios 2, 4-5). Gracias a Jesús, tenemos el
acceso al insondable amor del Padre. La muerte y la
resurrección de Cristo son las revelaciones supremas
del amor divino.. Jesús nos ha redimido del pecado y de
las tinieblas y nos ha dado una vida nueva e incorruptible en el Espíritu.
Es seguro mantener en privado la información personal
de sus hijos
Si sus hijos dan su información personal por medio de
Internet, no sólo es fácil conseguir los datos, sino que
es muy difícil borrarlos totalmente. Recuérdele a sus
hijos la importancia de mantener en privado sus datos e
información personal. Cerciórese que tengan un nombre de usuario y una contraseña que no revele información personal y que no den su dirección de correo electrónico a cualquier persona. Si sus hijos le dicen que
han dado su información personal en Internet, comuníquese con el proveedor del servicio de Internet o el sitio
en donde la información fue anotada para ver qué puede hacer usted para borrar los datos. Para más información, visite:
University Series Schedule
Monday March 16th
All Things Francis.
Living the Joy of the Gospel: Amazing Testimony.
John Allen
Rhett Young
St. Julie Billiart Church
St. Rose of Lima Church
Tuesday, March 17
Ignatian Spirituality: A Key to Understanding Pope Francis. Fr. Felix Just, S.J.
Padre Serra Parish Center
Religious Liberty and Toleration.
Fr. Leon Hutton
St. Jude the Apostle Hall
Mary, A Woman in Love: The Precious Apparitions of Our Blessed Mother. Dcn. Dick & Franca Dornan
St. Mary Magdalen, Msgr. Hughes Hall
Myths about the Catholic Church – Old and New!
Fr. Joe Shea
St. Paschal Hall
Wednesday March 18th
Ignatian Spirituality: Discernment of Spirits and Discerning God’s Will.
Fr. Felix Just, S.J.
Padre Serra Parish Center
Roman Catholics and Eastern Catholics: Why Are We Different?
Msgr. Bill Leser
St. Peter Claver Youth Center
Ten Universal Principles about Your Life.
Fr. Robert Spitzer St. Rose of Lima Church (New Date)
Thursday March 19th
The Gospel of Mark: Faithful Followers of Jesus.
Our Lady of the Assumption, Mulcahy Center
Will the Supreme Court say “I do” to Gay Marriage
St. Jude the Apostle Hall (New Date & Location)
The Role of Parents: How to Keep Your Kids Active in the Faith.
St. Julie Billiart Hall
The Last Supper: The History, The Mystery. Dave Shaneyfelt
An Eastern Catholic Liturgy
Msgr. Bill Leser
Friday March 20th
A Lenten Journey through Scripture and Music.
Vincent Dominguez
San Buenaventura Mission, Bonaventura Rm.
Saving Kids from a Scary World.
Mark Mitchell
St. Paschal Hall
What’s Missing in the Practice of Your Spirituality?
Fr. Jim Clarke
St. Peter Claver Youth Center
Fr. Felix Just, S.J.
Dr. Carter Snead
Robert Batch
St. Paschal Hall
St. Peter and Paul Church, Simi Valley
12:15-1:00 pm

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